Public Speaking, Self-Development Program for Buddies

Public Speaking, Self-Development Program for Buddies

Public Speaking, Self-Development Program for Telkom University Buddies. There is an interesting quote from Winston Churchill regarding Public Speaking, he said “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

The ability to speak is considered as Highly Important for Buddy when they has to deal with foreign students, as well as other social activities. For this reason, the International Office organized the third Self-Development for Buddies untitled “Public Speaking” on Monday 9 August 2021 at 2 p.m. through Zoom. This Self-Development Program for Buddies is the third in a series of events with the previous two sessions untitled Internationalization and Guide to Being a Buddy. The theme of Public Speaking is taken to answer the global challenge of the need to communicate effectively with citizens of the world.

Public Speaking Urgency

Starting the first hour of the session, Lia Marlia as a speaker asked the opening question: What is Public Speaking? There are many theories regarding public speaking, two of which are well known from Merriam Webster and David Zarefsky. In fact, the term Public Speaking itself was coined by David Zarefsky.

In her presentation, Lia also conveyed some interesting tips about Public Speaking starting from how to overcome nervousness by practicing a lot in front of the mirror and taking many opportunities to appear in public, overcoming insecurity by improving self-perception and getting out of the comfort zone, overcoming material stuttering by preparing own material and study some examples of good presentations, to the matter of costumes that suit the audience.

This session is also equipped with a Public Speaking simulation. Participants are given several different themes, and must be prepared to give presentations according to these themes. In addition, the simulation also includes vocal processing techniques which are important in public speaking. By mastering this technique the speaker can control the tone of the voice so that the message conveyed can be clearer.

The Public Speaking event which was attended by buddies from IOSBC and International Office staff was fun, full of fresh ideas, and high enthusiasm. There will be more interesting events, keep updating our social media for more info!(IO)***

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