Stars Score of Telkom University in UPM

Stars Score of Telkom University in UPM

Stars Score of Telkom University in UPM. Stars score obtained by Telkom University at University Performance Metric (UPM) is astonishing. Yes, Telkom University won 4 stars “Research Oriented University” ranking in the University Performance Metric (UPM) ranking this year. UPM is a higher education assessment system that measures the responsiveness of universities in the current era of the 4th industrial revolution. UPM assesses university performance in two aspects, namely research and implementation through 8 categories which are broken down into 54 indicators. The 8 categories include Strategic Governance, Education, Research, Innovation, Innovation Ecosystem, IT Infrastructure, Internationalization and Community Service.

The evaluation results are presented in the form of an overall score for all institutions, and a score for each category, according to the number of Stars ranging from 1-5. UPM’s 5-star university has a high national reputation and is internationally recognized; UPM’s 4-star university is well-known not only in the country but also in the region; UPM 3-star universities have a role in the national higher education (PT) system and can facilitate student mobility in ASEAN countries.

Based on updated data in February 2021, there are 38 different ASEAN universities, 27 of which are higher education institutions in Vietnam, while the other 11 universities are from other ASEAN countries, particularly the Universities of the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. This year, nearly 50 universities from Vietnam and the ASEAN region have participated, but the UPM results assessed only 38 universities, of which only 29% were non-Vietnamese universities. This unfortunate situation is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited the progress of collecting the UPM database.

According the results of the assessment, in 2021 Telkom University get a score of 714.5 out of a maximum score of 1000. This makes Telkom University get 4 stars for the overall institutional score. It means that Telkom University is famous not only in the country (national) but also in the region (regional).

Stars Scoring Detail

The following are the details of scoring based on 8 categories obtained by Telkom University:

Strategic governance5 Stars
Education4 Stars
Research5 Stars
Innovation5 Stars
Innovation Ecosystem5 Stars
IT infrastructure and Digital Learning Resource5 Stars
Internationalization4 Stars
Community Service5 Stars
Overall4 Stars Plus


The achievement of 4 stars scores in the UPM ranking adds to the list of Telkom University successes in 2021. This achievement, of course can be a sweet gift this month where Telkom University will celebrate its 8th anniversary. Hopefully Telkom University will continue to shine nationally and internationally and continue provide excellent education to the nation.(IO)***