MoU Signing between Telkom University and Telkomcel

MoU Signing between Telkom University and Telkomcel

Telkom University, Bandung (Feb 1st, 2017). Telkom University and Telkomcel Timor Leste agreeing on the Human Resource Development plan to improve the knowledge and competence of the Telkomcel’s personnel in business and management implemented by investing the Telkomcel’s personnel in higher education especially in the business and management on telecommunication field.

As Mr. Dedi Suherman, CEO Telkomcel said that nowadays Telkomcel is having the big program to developing all digital services in Timor Leste. Digital service is a big part of telecommunication including education and communication. Mr. A.M.A. Suyanto as the Vice Rector for admission and cooperation also mention that Telkom University now is utilizing the technology for education especially in distance learning. This is a good opportunities for both party to cooperate each other starting with the implementation of human resource development of Telkomcel’s personnel in higher education and then expanding into many other organization in Timor Leste.

The new cooperation program called Blended Learning Program is a kind of program similar with online degree program, but it is not fully online. The students need also to come to Telkom University, Bandung to do a class lecturer and exercise even mid semester exam and  final semester exam. By implementing this scheme, the Telkomcel’s personnel still could do their working task in their working base and following online class in the specific time.

Also this meeting invited 10 (ten) Timor Leste students involving the previous cooperation program of Telkom University and Telkomcel. Mr. Dedi Suherman give opportunities for the students to tell their experience during their study at Telkom University. The previous cooperation program is giving scholarship for 10 (ten) students from Timor Leste to study at Telkom University, Bandung. The scholarship for academic bachelor and diploma degree is the first big program supported by PT. Telkom Indonesia. Some of those 10 (ten) students will be graduated on August 2017 and they tends to continue their education to academic bachelor afterwards. Mr. Dedi Suherman is very proud and congratulate to all of 10 (ten) students for their achievement during study including academic and non-academic activity, he said that non-academic activity are also part of the education so that the students should empower themselves with the organizational and working experience before they get graduated.


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