Visiting Tel-U to Ministry of Education Timor Leste

Visiting Tel-U to Ministry of Education Timor Leste

To extend the cooperation with Timor Leste Ministry of Education, Telkom University represent by Mr. A.M.A Suyanto, MBA., DBA. as the Vice Rector III for Admission and International Cooperation is having meeting with The Ministry of Education Antonio Da Concecao and Directorate General of Higher Education Albano Salem.


Mr. A.M.A Suyanto, MBA., DBA. informed that Telkom University is having the cooperation with UNTL one of the biggest public university at Timor in the Education Mobility Program and the development of Education Academic Information System. Also Mr. A.M.A. Suyanto, MBA., DBA. explain the there are 11 students from Timor Leste who study at Telkom University in which they have a very good score IP (Index Prestasi). This is explained that Timor Leste students has big potential to be success to study at Telkom University. The minister said that this is a very good mutual cooperation with university in Indonesia and Timor Leste Goverment because Timor Leste also has the intention to develop the human resource of the country itself.

The meeting is continued with the discussion with Mr. Aquiles acting as Scholarship Director of Timor Leste Education Ministry. Mr. Aquiles mention that Timor Leste now is developing the human resources to build the country. Still there are so many requirements in many field in Timor Leste. Mr. Aquiles said that Telkom University is one of the destination for the scholarship which will be allocated after they review the needs inside Timor Leste itself in 2016-2017.


The visit of Mr. A.M.A. Suyanto, MBA., DBA. is closed with the meeting discussion with Mr. M. Primanto Hendrasmoro acting as The Embassy of Indonesia for Timor Leste and also with the all of the participants of Education Expo in Dili.




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