Live Sharing Session Eps. 1: “Covid-19 and How to Prevent the Spread”

Live Sharing Session Eps. 1: “Covid-19 and How to Prevent the Spread”

Live Sharing Session Eps. 1: “Covid-19 and How to Prevent the Spread”. Due to the recent Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) outbreak and the increasing number of corona virus cases in Indonesia, Telkom University has taken a preventive action for the wellbeing of its academic community including international students. Through international Office of Telkom University, it will be conducted a live sharing session which will be held on April 2, 2020 under the topic “Covid-19 and How to Prevent the Spread” as a discussion forum for the International students.

This sharing session will invite International students of Telkom University who have decided to remain stay in Indonesia due to security concerns and have closed access to their respective countries. In this sharing session, the students are expected to be able to share their conditions during the Corona virus outbreak. Furthermore, by inviting a doctor as a speaker, the students are invited to have a discussion and are welcomed to ask questions related to the topic being discussed.

It will be conducted online by using the zoom application as a discussion media. The students can have an interactive discussion with the speaker and ask about covid-19  information they want to know. Having a duration for about 2 hours, this sharing session is expected to answer students’ curiosity about covid-19 and how they can avoid the spread of the virus.

Through this activity, it is expected that participants, especially international students of Telkom University, can get a lot of information regarding Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, this activity is expected to increase awareness of the dangers of Covid-19 and know how to prevent its spread.

For International students who are interested to join this program, kindly register at this following link:

Join us! The more we share, the more we have.(IO)***