Joint Summer Course Telkom University & University of Malaya 23-31 October 2016

Joint Summer Course Telkom University & University of Malaya 23-31 October 2016

International Office Telkom University in collaboration with University of Malaya, ITB, and Ministry of Higher Education held Joint Summer Course in October 23rd-31st, 2016. The program was followed by 16 students of Telkom University(Tel-U) and 14 students of University of Malaya(UM).

During the course program, students were having fun with Robot. They got to know how to create a robot and run their own robot. They had a chance to race their robot on the line tracing robot similar as the one at robot competition. Students also experienced how to put their idea into games application and made it their very own creation. They’re very enthusiastic presented and demonstrated their games application by the end of the session.

Joint summer program also gave introduction to Indonesian culture, Bandung city tour, and industrial visit to Bandung Digital valley and Kopi Luwak. Students were very happy, enjoy the program and their stay in Indonesia.

“Telah mendapat satu pengalaman yang menarik, fasiliti yang bagus dan baik, layanan yang sempurna”, said Faris student of UM.

“I feel very happy to join this program and it gave me so many precious experiences. The people here are friendly and treat me very well. We had 2-1visited s1-1o many places and learn the culture here. I hope I will have chance to participate in some kind of program like this again.” Eng Zhi Yuan student of UM.








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