Collaboration with ZUST

Collaboration with ZUST

Collaboration with ZUST. Having many collaborations with international universities and companies all around the world brings so many benefits both for students and a university as well. To promote internationalization as well as toward World Class University, since the last few years, Telkom University is expanding some collaboration with international universities coming from various countries. As previously, after had an offer of collaboration from Zhejiang University of Science & Technology (ZUST), China through email, Telkom University officially invited delegations of ZUST to discuss some possibilities of collaboration between Telkom University and ZUST at Telkom University.

The meeting, held on Monday, December 2nd, 2019, was attended by three delegations of ZUST including Gao Zhisheng, the head of Student Affair Office, Zhou Yang, deputy Department Head of Electronics Department, and Lukman Tomy, a general manager. Telkom University was represented by Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti, S.T., M.Eng.Sc, the vice rector III for Admission and Career Development and some delegations from International Office, International Class Academic Office, School of Creative Industry, and School of Electrical Engineering.

In the meeting, in form of Focus Group Discussion (FGD), all members discussed and reviewed the concept of Joint Degree and Double Degree program. Joint Degree can be proposed if the study program has similar group of knowledge, while Double Degree can be promoted to any different group of knowledge. Telkom University proposed double degree program by the concept of 3+1 (three years in Telkom University and one year in ZUST) or 2.5+1.5 (two years and a half in Telkom University and one year and a half in ZUST). On the other hand, ZUST proposed the concept 2+2 (two years in Telkom University and two years in ZUST) due to the government regulation of China. ZUST requires students to have two months internship in the industry. Besides, the passing credit system in ZUST is 170 university credit units while in Telkom University is 144 university credit units. Those different credits occur because of the different credit hour in both universities. Thus, to make it clear and efficient the discussion on the synchronization of the credits would be further discussed later through email.

After had an FGD, both parties agreed with the draft of the MoU which then it would be adjusted based on each university’s necessities. Regarding the difference of university credit unit, both universities agreed to have another discussion and ZUST ensured it won’t be a big deal in ZUST. In term of the title given by ZUST in the double degree program, student will be certified as Bachelor of Engineering and student will also receive two certificates from ZUST which are Diploma certificate and Graduation certificate. Besides student will also get Diploma certificate issued by Telkom University.

For the follow up of this meeting, Telkom University and ZUST will discuss some points through email and once it’s settled both parties will sign the MoU.(IO)***