APT Wireless Group in Thailand

APT Wireless Group in Thailand

Telkom University lecturer as the delegation representing Republic of Indonesia at the 24th APT Wireless Group Meeting in Thailand. One of Telkom University lecturers who also serves as Director of Advanced Wireless Technology (AdWiTech), Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar, ST., M.Eng. became a delegation of the Republic of Indonesia to attend the 24th Meeting of APT Wireless Group in Bangkok, Thailand.

He was elected Chairman of the Asia Pacific Wireless Group of Services and Applications. Khoirul Anwar said that he supervised 4 task groups in the meeting.

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“I oversee four task groups, namely Modern Satellite and Application; Aeronautics and Maritime; Public Protection and Disaster Relief; and Railway Radio Communications. “he said.

“Tuesday (19/9) I will meet the Railway company here. “To follow up on the Indonesian government’s plan for the development of Bandung-Jakarta, and Jakarta-Surabaya rapid train, please pray for us dear colleagues,” he added.

Khoirul Anwar will be in Thailand until September 24, after leading the meeting on Monday (18/9), Thursday (20/9), and Friday (21/9).