Best University in Mandiri Young Entrepreneur 2018

Telkom University became the Best University in the 2018 Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Program.

Telkom University once again made an achievement, this time Tel-U won the Best University in the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur (WMM) 2018 Malang, East Java, held by Bank Mandiri on Saturday (15/09) In addition Telkom University also received achievements in several other categories, both student and non-student categories.

For its achievements as the Best Higher Education I, Telkom University had the right to get funding for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Rp. 500,000,000 from Bank Mandiri.

Out of the 33 delegations sent by Telkom University, 6 people entered the national final stage consisting of 3 people for the student category, while 3 others came from Bandung Technopark (BTP) for the non-student category.

Mandiri Young Entrepreneur Program 2018 in the student category, Rafliansyah Putra from S1 Program in Industrial Engineering Faculty Study Program won second place with a product called Scola.Id for the Digital Technology Category. While for Creative Category, Nabila from S1 Communication Study Program, Faculty of Communication and Business won second place with her product Handwritten Batik.

While for the Non-Student category, Reza Rizky Hermawan from Bandung Technopark Telkom University won the second place in the category of Trading and Services Industry with the name of the product Cordova Living.Mandiri Young Entrepreneur (WMM) 2018 itself is an event organized by PT. Bank Mandiri, which has been held since 2007, is committed to continuously develope entrepreneurship in Indonesia, especially among the younger generation. And to be the best, this program always innovates every year.

The WMM 2018 awarding event was held at Brawijaya University, Malang. The Mandiri Young Entrepreneur award was received by the Vice Retor III of Telkom University Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti
Dida said “I am very grateful and all this can be realized because of the support from the entire academic community who have started the process to achieve Entrepreneurial University.”