8 things that you will miss in Indonesia.

8 things that you will miss in Indonesia.


Indonesia is an adventure-filled country that contains more than 18000 islands. Almost every island has its own tradition, culture and language. A foreigner who decides to stay for a longer period may observe a lot of shocking and extremely different habits. Even though some traditions are quite perplexing, most tourists will miss these 8 things in Indonesia after going back to their home countries.

Cheap Food


It’s not a secret that in our own country if we have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside, we might have to be a high class family that is able to afford such luxury. Only in Indonesia can we have an opportunity to feel rich ourselves by trying traditional food outside that costs not more than $3.

Treatment of Celebrities

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Believe it or not Indonesians are able to mention your beauty even more frequently than your parents. You can be an ordinary person in your country and nobody would like to take a picture with you, while in Indonesia for almost every stranger it is an honor to take a picture with a handsome or pretty celebrity like you.



Let yourself enjoy another type of luxury: GO-JEK. In your country, would you be able to have a driver on a motorbike in front of your house that will deliver you to any destination for only 1-3$ Only in Indonesia are you be able to order your transportation through an application and have your smiling driver in front of your house in a five minutes. Even with the traffic in large Indonesian cities your GO-JEK driver will deliver you as quickly as possible.

Kind and Friendly People


If we take a sample of 10 tourists and ask, “What do you think about Indonesians?” 11  of them will probably say that Indonesians are gentle and amicable.

If you need somebody to help you with choosing a dress in a mall or drop you off at your dormitory your close–and even not so close–Indonesian friend will assist his puzzled foreign friend with great pleasure.

Exotic Fruits


Yes, bananas here can be small, medium, extra-large and even red. Pineapples are twice as sweet and fertile as the ones we get in our countries. Besides that, have you ever heard about fruits like rambutan, sirsak, dragon fruit, manggis, salak? More than likely not. For those who have never tried exotic fruits, Indonesia is the best place to try them, while those who are back in their home countries can only dream about Indonesia’s exotic fruits.

Fascinating beaches


This should have been the first thing to miss. Unfortunately, only some foreigners have had the opportunity to spend the whole year beside marvelous beaches. But even for students who are busy with university life and only have an opportunity to enjoy beach life for only a couple of weeks during farewells, they will be haunted by thoughts of amazing beaches in Indonesia.

Authentic Nature


When a regular person hears “Indonesia”, the first thing that comes to mind is oceans; but the second is “tropical jungles.” Yes, only in this country does the beauty of nature remain unspoiled by people. Only here are you able to run away from the bustling city and find yourself face-to-face with enchanting nature and breathe that pure air. The nature in Indonesia motivates the spirit for a very long, valuable time.



And last but not least- Bali! You may not know where Indonesia is, but you definitely know where Bali is. If you ever have visited Indonesia and never have been to Bali you do not deserve to exist on this planet. Bali is the only reason to visit Indonesia. This island offers day-and-night amusement and parties along with appeasement. Bali is a place of peace and tranquility. It is replete with tropical forests, ancient temples and endless beaches. For those who leave Bali and Indonesia, their souls periodically return to the atmosphere of wonderful Bali.

Author: Bakhti Mizhgon

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