WUR 2023 By Subject. WUR 2023 by subject is released!

Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE WUR) offer the comprehensive ranking of the greatest universities in the world, with a focus on their commitment to research. It is the only global university league table that evaluates research-intensive institutions based on all of their primary objectives, including teaching (the learning environment), research (volume, income, and reputation), citations (research influence), industry income (knowledge transfer), and international outlook (staff, students and research). The most thorough and fair comparisons are made using 13 properly calibrated performance measures. The overall list is accompanied by 11 subject-specific rankings, including Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Education, Law, Social Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Clinical & Health, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Psychology.

WUR 2023 or World University Ranking 2023 has released university ranking by subject. Telkom University in the WUR 2023 receives a satisfactory ranking for 3 subject categories: Engineering, Computer Science, and Business & Economics. According to THE WUR page (www.timeshighereducation.com), in the field of Computer Science, Telkom University is ranked first for Private Higher Education in Indonesia in the WUR 2023. On a national, Telkom University in the WUR 2023 is in second place and ranks 601-800 for WUR. In the field of computer science, it’s about 974 world universities are involved in this WUR 2023.

In the field of Engineering, Telkom University in the WUR 2023, managed to be ranked 9th in Indonesia and ranked 1001+ in the WUR. According to THE WUR 2023, subject of engineering includes approximately 1,306 universities worldwide. In the WUR 2023 by subject, the engineering assessment component highlights the university in the disciplines of General Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. While for the field of Business & Economics, Telkom University in the WUR 2023, succeeded to achieve a national ranking of 12 and a WUR ranking of 801+. In the field of Business & Economics, for about 870 world universities are involved in this ranking.

The subject tables make use of a similar set of 13 performance factors as those used in the WUR 2023 overall, along with scores offered under five categories. For each subject, the overall process is carefully recalibrated, and the weightings are modified to suit the various subjects.

The followings are categories being evaluated for WUR 2023 by subject ranking:

  1. Teaching: the learning environment
  2. Research: volume, income and reputation
  3. Citations: research influence
  4. International outlook: staff, students and research
  5. Industry income: innovation

The followings are detail score of Telkom University by subject in the WUR 2023:





ResearchCitationIndustry IncomeInternational OutlookOverall

Total Score


Computer Science










Business & Economics



Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude to all parties who have supported Telkom University so that it achieves a good ranking in the those fields (Computer Science, Engineering, and Business & Economics) in THE WUR 2023. “Congratulations for the achievement we gained in the WUR 2023 by subject: Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics and Business. I hope that in the future other subjects at Telkom University can achieve the same achievement, so that together we are able to provide benefits to the community, through the best quality education, in order to realize the nation’s big dream, namely to produce excellent human resources for Indonesia”, he said.


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