Telkom University host Immersion Program for Woosong University Students

Telkom University host Immersion Program for Woosong University Students


Bandung, February 13th 2016 was a special day for International Office of Telkom University as the host university for immersion program from Woosong University students of South Korea. The program is followed by 17 best students (winner of various competitions which was held by Woosong University) and accompanied by 1 lecturer. The program will last for one week until February 22nd, 2016.

The contents of the program are English class, art & design learning, campus tour, and Bandung city tour. The English program is delivered with fun and practical activities. “The English program is very interesting, they teach with fun activities, the students seem to be happy and like it very much. The students enjoy the class very much that they do not want to stop even the time is up. This learning method is very different compared to Korean style”, said Lacey Horner the English lecturer from Woosong University.

In the art & design learning, students practice how to paint with many different techniques such as silk painting, tie dye, textile marbling, weaving, and batik. Students practice and make their own creation using those techniques. They will bring home their masterpieces as souvenirs for family and friends special their own handmade, the only one in the world.

On their free time, some students enjoy the campus tour and do “selfie” happily. As for the weekend, time for city tour and shopping that none of the students not even the lecturer want to miss it. When we look back at the history of Indonesia, on Dutch colonial, they often said Bandung as ‘Parijs van Java’ as Bandung reminds them to the capital city of French, Paris. Bandung is home to numerous examples of Dutch colonial architecture; most notably the tropical Art Deco, dubbed New Indies Style. Bandung is also one of the pioneers in Indonesian arts. Many home industries and factory outlets in Bandung make Bandung as one of the destination city for shopping.

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