Snake & Ladders Game Reborn

Snake & Ladders Game Reborn

Bandung – Snake & Ladders Game reborn is inspired from the classic Snake & Ladders. This Snake and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game. It’s a game that played between two or more players. The object of the game is to navigate one’s game piece, started from the bottom, climbing the ladder to reach further up or go further down because of the snake. The game is a simple race contest based on the luck.

This Snake & Ladder game has another purpose. Good language skill is really necessary and somehow good communication skill is really important asset now days. Because of this realization a group of Telkom University students came up with the idea of using a game board to increase communication skills especially for students.

When the classic Snake & Ladders will get the players moving up with ladders and moving down with snakes. This Snake & Ladders reborn is an educative media to increase communication skill. This game is made by a group of Telkom University students for Student Creative Program (PKM), Ervina Dianawati (Communication Scien 2016), Ahmad Mumtaz (Telecommunications Engineering 2014), and Musniyah Ayunita Muzakkir (Communication Science 2016). This program is guided by Cut Irna lecturer of Faculty Communication and Business (FKB).

This game was aimed for students of Open Junior High School of Gading Regency Bandung since 30 May 2018 until 1 June 2018. “We want the junior high school students after they graduate from here, they can communicate well and able to express opinions and ideas they have with straightforwardness” said the lecturer.

The participants will be given the ladder and snake board and a giant dice. In every box, participants will face educational obstacles, for example: to do certain praying (Shalat) movements, to recite Indonesia law and so on. This study method of playing and learning is believed to be more effective for students in their group of age. This game is not only for Open Junior High School Gading Regency but i might be available for another junior high schools anytime in the future. (Pooja/IO)

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