Portrait of North Sumatra Harmony in Dies UKKSU XVII

In order to welcomed Dies UKKSU XVII, Culture and Arts Unit North Sumatra (UKKSU) of Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom) organized a art and culture show of North Sumatra. Arts and cultural event got Portrait of North Sumatra harmony as the theme. The event took place at the Multipurpose Building (GSG) of IT Telkom, Saturday (12/11), at 18:00.

Arts and cultural event of North Sumatra was very rousing. Especially when the guest star, Rini Idol appeared in the middle of Dies UKKSU XVII in that night. 

“Dies UKKSU XVII really amazing. I am delighted to be participating in the event UKKSU Dies XVII. I salute at the age of 17 UKKSU can survive from year to year. And it´s great,” comment of Rini idol in that night.

As Medan people, Rini revealed her proud that people of North Sumatra are very compact. They have a strong attachment between one another and can organize positive activities like art and cultural performances that night. She hopes, compactness always will be maintained.

North Sumatra Arts and Culture event that night was enlivened by music and dance performances region of North Sumatra and the choir. And also was envilened by parodies and musical collaboration.

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