Pleasure Experience at The Cooking Day

Pleasure Experience at The Cooking Day

Started from the idea of giving the opportunity to our international students who might be missed his/her home country, International Office has held the “Cooking Day”.

The Cooking Day on April 1st 2015 was organized by International Office (IO) in collaboration with International Office Buddy Club (IOBC) presented International Students of Telkom University special menus that represent their country.

Cooking day foto

The real thing on April mop, Cooking day was started at 2 p.m. at the canteen of Applied Science School of Telkom University served ten menus from nine different nations. The delegation from international students of Telkom University (around 30 students) was giving their best on cooking the cuisines. Hundreds of students were very excited since the beginning of the Cooking Day until the end. They watched the international students cooked those delicious ingredients and served on the table wonderfully. This event was also attended by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng., Ph.D. and the Vice Rector of Telkom University, A.M.A. Suyanto, MBA., DBA.


Delightful foods all over the world are well served in this event:

  1. Chaa Lok Lak Sach Ko (Cambodia)

Chaa Lok Lak Sach Ko

2. Dakdori Tang (South Korea)


3. Pad Kra Pao Gai (Thailand)


4. Mercimek Corbasi (Turkey)

Mercimek Corbasi

5. Osh & Salad (Tajikistan)


6. Olivier Salad (Kirgiztan)

olivier salad

7. Bolani with Dough (Afghanistan)


8. Guisado (Timor Leste)


9. Qurutob (Tajikistan)


10. Rujak (Indonesia)



The guests were having a great experiences on trying all the menus with a delightful taste and chatting with the international students. Cooking Day was full of joy with the sharing and singing by students of Telkom University both national and international.

Thank you for your participation on our event, we will see you soon on our next event (please keep update on our website :, Facebook:, and twitter:

Have a pleasant study ^_^

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