Outing Program for International Students

International Office of Telkom University held a gathering program for International Students this October 26-27th 2013 at Cikole Lembang. The main theme of the gathering program is togetherness and kinship. Thus, the international students will feel warm and welcome in a one big family. The program initiates the international students knowing each other and also international office program better than ever before. There are 19 international students joining the program. They are 3 students from Telkom Engineering School, 5 students from Telkom Economic & Business School, 10 students from Telkom Creative Industries School, and 1 student from other university (UNPAS Bandung). At the first day some students perform their traditional/national dance and sing a song, they all are enjoying the moment. And the second day, the students having some activities and games, they’re so enthusiastically and happy as for most of them that was their very first experience.

Big Thanks to International Students, K-Lite crew and all International Office crew.

Organized by IO Tel-U featuring K-Lite


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