Online Joint Course Telkom University & Chitkara University: #1. Automobile Industry in Asia

Online Joint Course Telkom University & Chitkara University: #1. Automobile Industry in Asia

Online Joint Course Telkom University & Chitkara University: #1. Automobile Industry in Asia. Being in the middle of a global pandemic didn’t stop Telkom University to hold a collaboration with other international partner universities. It is precisely, with this global pandemic, Telkom University continues to be challenged to create various innovations for the sake of education, research and community service. Like last Thursday, April 30th, 2020, in term of education, Telkom University, along with Chitkara University, collaborated to hold an Online Joint Course under the topic Automobile Industry in Asia.

In this first session, invited Kumar Shalender Ph.D. as a speaker and attended by 70 participants from Telkom University and Chitkara University. By the use of Google Meets, the online joint course ran smoothly. All participants were so curious on the topic delivered by Dr. Kumar that they paid attention seriously. They found the topic is so interesting to be discussed as we all know that the development of vehicles nowadays is getting increase and sophisticated for sure.

Based on Dr. Kumar explanation, Automobile Industry is very important for the ASIAN countries as it influences on the country’s GDP. The evolution of technology in automobiles is also one of the interesting topics discussed by Dr. Kumar. As the development of technology, the automobile industries innovate vehicles in term of engine & transmission, smaller-capacity motors, automatics revolution, sensor & electronics, creature comfort, and safety or security.

Many companies are starting to make changes by using smaller-capacity motors to be more environmentally friendly and reduce pollution from emissions emitted by the vehicles. The amazing one from the technology evolution is the development of sensors and electronics. Nowadays, sensors and electronics become one of the most widely used to make the automobile industries grow. For instance, nowadays we are the witness of the existence of autonomous car. There are cars having auto pilot technology; we just enter our destination, and the car will go straight to the destination.

Other technology created by the automobile industries is electric vehicles. Many people believe that the electric vehicle will be popular in the future. However, automobile companies are aware that to create and innovate a sophisticated car needs so much effort. Therefore, nowadays many companies are open for collaboration. As the example, Honda held the “Honda Xcelerator Program” to facilitate people who have innovation and want to test their innovations.

Having those insight from Dr. Kumar, let’s see what will happen on the futuristic vehichle and hopefully we can experience the amazing technology innovated by the automobile industries. This online joint course between Telkom University and Chitkara University is interesting, isn’t it? Stay tune to the 2nd session of this online joint course with the topic: “Telecommunications Industries in Asia-Pasific” that will be delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr.Eng Khoirul Anwar, S.T,. M.Eng. on May 8th, 2020.(IO)***