Monash & Telkom University: Collaboration Plan

Monash & Telkom University: Collaboration Plan

Monash & Telkom University: Collaboration Plan. Telkom University received a visit from Monash University, Australia on Monday, November 4, 2019. Shameera  Salahudeen, a Senior Project Coordinator from Monash University, accompanied by the Indonesia representative of Monash University, Selvi Tanggara visited Telkom University to discussed the possibility on having collaboration as well as agreement in some programs.

They were well welcomed by Telkom University’s representatives including International Office, International Class Academic Office, and some faculties’ representatives of Telkom University. The point being explored were about the possibility of a university-wide MOU including joint research and supervision and semester study abroad agreement. In addition, they also discussed the possibility of credit transfer arrangement from Telkom University undergraduate and postgraduate into Monash University courses in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of IT and Faculty of Business and Economics.

Some courses, including 1) Art, Design and Architecture, 2) Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 3) Business, 4) Education, 5) Engineering, 6) Information Technology, 7) Law, 8) Medicine, Nursing and and Health Sciences, 9) Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10) Science were proposed to be in double degree program by Monash University.

Basically, Telkom University opens for those agreements to be implemented with Monash University. However, for the first step of agreement, Telkom University proposed to have general agreement established in MOU before undergoing the dual degree program. Next, joint short course program, student exchange program, and joint research for all majors are ready to be implemented once the MOU being signed. As Telkom University now has some activities as mentioned collaborate with some other partner universities.

Actually, Telkom Foundation had signed the agreement with Monash University on February 13, 2013, and this year they agreed to have another agreement, especially in education field. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of better collaboration between two parties.(IO)***