Merlijn Series Finale

Merlijn Series Finale

Merlijn Series Finale, hallo hoe gaat het? Every journey has it ends, but the memories and experience will last forever.

It’s Friday December 21st and tomorrow I fly back to The Netherlands. I leave Indonesia behind me and I go back home to my friends and family.


I have had a wonderful semester here at Telkom University and I am grateful that I was provided with this opportunity. The campus has been my home and I have made a lot of new friends during my stay here. Some of those friends will come visit me and my other Dutch friends in The Netherlands next year.


I still can not believe all the amazing things I have seen and done. I have travelled to Bali two times where I saw the most amazing temples and snorkeled with hundreds of tropical fish. I took the bus to Pangandaran where I surfed and swam through canyons. I saw the Borobudur and Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta where I also wandered through all the markets with wonderful clothing and souvenirs. Of course, I also gave Jakarta a visit where I got to enjoy the wonderful history of Batavia.


I have enjoyed the delicious Indonesian cuisine with very tasteful nasi goreng, sate and many more dishes. I must say, I am now used to eating rice everyday but I am also glad I can go home and enjoy some Dutch food again.


During my time at the office I have laughed, tried weird(but mostly tasty) food and completed my internship. The staff was super friendly and I felt comfortable during my time here. Telkom has been a wonderful home to me and to many other students.


For all of this and much more, I would like to thank Telkom University. Thank you for making this an amazing semester abroad which I will never forget. Hope to see you again in the future! For now, I say: Goodbye. Tot ziens.

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