Merlijn Series 09: Canteen

Merlijn Series 09: Canteen

Merlijn Series 09: Canteen

Nearly 5 days a week I go to the Technic canteen to have lunch. This is the biggest and in my opinion best canteen on the Telkom University campus. There are over 25 food stalls from which you can select your favourite dish.


Lunch break at the office is from 12.00 until 13.00 which gives me plenty of time to walk to the canteen, order my food and have lunch together with my colleagues and friends. It is usually very busy around this time, but there is always a seat available to sit down and relax while enjoying the food.


More often than not, I go to the fourth stall and order noodles or rice with chicken and egg. Everything is made fresh and it tastes absolutely delicious. The owner usually recognizes me and my friends and is extremely kind to us, greeting us friendly. To accompany this dish, I order an iced tea or a bottle of Coca Cola.

Once we finished our food, we go to the minimart which is located next to the canteen and buy an ice cream. Magnum is probably my favorite dessert to finish my lunch break.


All this food tastes amazing and costs barely anything. Coming from The Netherlands, the portion and quality of food we can buy here for only 1 euro (17600 rupiah) is stunning. In the Netherlands, we pay around 4 or 5 euros (IDR 80000) for some fries with meat and vegetables.


This canteen adds extra value to what is already the best university in Indonesia and improves my overall experience during my internship here in Indonesia. Enjoying delicious new dishes in a foreign country is one of the things I love to do, and for such a low price, it is even better.