Joyful Atmosphere in the ESL 2021 Closing Ceremony

Joyful Atmosphere in the ESL 2021 Closing Ceremony

Joyful feeling of celebrating the Closing Ceremony of Engineering Service Learning (ESL) 2021 can be seen from every ESL 2021 participants. Held on August 24th, 2021, ESL 2021 Closing Ceremony was celebrated with joyful feeling, happiness, pride, and hope that we can continue to contribute by going farther and working smarter to the better community will be. It’s a success and surely exciting that the Engineering Service Learning (ESL) 2021 with the tagline “The farther, The Smarter!” was completed virtually on July 7th to 21st, 2021. ESL this year was joined by 71 students from Telkom University-Indonesia, Pusan National University (PNU)-South Korea, Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS)-Indonesia, ENSAJ-Morocco, and Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi (Poliwangi)-Indonesia. Under the supervision of Managers as Mentor, the participants who are grouped into 8 Creative Station teams and 5 SMILE Project teams had created 13 great yet joyful projects that turned into good results that benefit the community, despite the challenges they faced this year. Joyful is all around.

With local issues of the community at their hands, all the team members felt blessed and joyful to contribute to develop original engineering products. Through ESL program, the participants improved themselves with joyful feeling by working in teams that required technical ability, communication skills, and the ability to adapt and change with other participants. We hope this experience in ESL makes provision for their future and ready for the challenges of professional engineering careers in joyful ways.

Joyful Ambiance of Awarding Session

All the joyful teams of ESL 2021 created innovative projects with their talents, passions, and knowledge. However, two teams out of 13 teams were selected as the grand prize winners for each program. SMILE Project winner is CreaSmile which consists of Mouna Morchid, Younes Ledmaoui, Bae Ji Seon, Han Dong Min, and Yang Ki Won; and Creative Station winner is Saeudang which consists of Choi Hyeon Woo, Jung Jonguk, Asmaralda Laksmi Firdausi, Ujang Supriyadi, Thifal Bariq Athallah, I Made Nugi Edwika Ariwigangga, and Brenda Nathania Passandaran. There is no doubt their ingenuity and dedication for this program since both winners presented their innovative project in interesting and joyful ways. Congratulations to CreaSmile and Saeudang, the winners of ESL 2021!

In addition, there’s also joyful ambiance in lucky draw session as another prize for lucky participants to win the amazing doorprizes. Congratulations to six lucky participants who won the lucky draw winning a joyful gift.

Last but not least, we hope that we can collaborate again in ESL next year with the better innovation and of course with another joyful projects, for us, for the community, and for a better and joyful world. So, see you in the next joyful Engineering Service Learning (ESL)!(IO)***

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