ITEC Scholarship for Indonesian

ITEC Scholarship for Indonesian

ITEC Scholarship for Indonesian. The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Program is a bilateral program of assistance of the Government of India. Hereby, Indian government invites Telkom University‘s employees, lecturer, and students to apply for ITEC Program. The ITEC/SCAAP Program has the following components:

  1. Training (civilian and defense) in India of nominees from ITEC partner countries;
  2. Projects and project related activities such as feasibility studies and consultancy services;
  3. Deputation of Indian experts abroad;
  4. Study Tours;
  5. Gifts/Donations of equipment at the request of ITEC partner countries; and
  6. Aid for Disaster Relief



ITEC is planned to implement in 2021-2022. Detailed scheduled is based on the course chosen. Kindly visit



  1. Employees and officials in Government, Public Sector, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Well established Private Sector candidates, may also apply.
  2. Having 5 years minimum work experience. Experience less than 5 years will require Ambassador’s approval.
  3. Applicants who are between 25 and 45 years (in general).
  4. Applicants who are medically fit.
  5. There is relaxation for the Candidates (ladies) going for Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan–Illiterate/semi-literate ladies–formally endorsed by institutions/NGOs approved by Barefoot College. Knowledge of English language, not required. Age limit is from 35 years to 50 years.



  1. Must have the required academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the selected course (case to case basis).
  2. Must have working knowledge of English to follow the Course.
  3. Should be medically fit.



  1. Applicants made an online registration at
  2. Read the manual instruction first before filling the online registration and upload the required documents in the portal at:



Following documents are required to be uploaded along with ITEC application :

  1. TOEFL/IELTS Score for English Proficiency Certification Form
  2. Reference letter/endorsement letter from your institution/ministry/company.
  3. Medical report form in the prescribed format to be filled by a qualified doctor from any hospital in Indonesia.
  4. Yellow Fever and any other prescribed vaccination, if so required as per WHO protocols.
  5. Nominating form should be signed by Director/Manager/Supervisor


ITEC Main Streams, under which courses offered, are listed below:

1.  Agriculture, Food and Fertilizer2.  Banking, Insurance, Finance, Accounts and  Audit
3. Cyber Technologies. Al and Emergent  Technologies4.  Education
5. Engineering and Technology6. English Language
7. Environment and Climate Change8. Government Function
9.  Health and Yoga10. Human Resource Development and Planning
11. Irrigation and Water Resources12. IT and Telecommunication
13. Management and Leadership14. Media and Journalism
15. Oceanography16. Petroleum and Hydrocarbon
17. Power, Renewable & Alternate Energy18. Project Management
19. Quality Management20. Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation
21. SMEs and Entrepreneurship22. Specialized Courses
23. Sustainable Development And South Cooperation24. Textile
25. Trade and International Market26. Urban Planning
27. Women Empowerment 

Details of courses and Institutes offering the courses in the above mentioned areas may be seen in the official website at



Once a candidate is selected for a course in ITEC, Government of India will bear all expenses which include:

  1. Return international airfare by excursion/economy class
  2. Course fees for ITEC Program
  3. Accommodation–hostel (depending on availability, it could be on single or sharing basis) or hotel in case of non-availability of hostel accommodation.
  4. Living Allowance @ Rs.1200/- to Rs.1500/- per day. Candidates are, among other things, expected to meet the expenditure for their meals from this amount.
  5. Study Tour Program Organized by the Institute



  1. Applications must reach the Indian Embassy at least 2-3 months ahead of the commencement of the Course. Applicant must submit applications simultaneously at the Embassy and State Secretariat, Government of Indonesia, Jakarta.
  2. Upon selection, the Embassy will inform the concerned applicant/nodal agency.
  3. Selected candidates are required to fully familiarize themselves regarding living conditions in India and the Institute through the websites of the concerned Institute.
  4. Decision for  grant  of  scholarship  rests  solely  with  the  Ministry  of  External  Affairs, Government of India.
  5. Upon selection, the Embassy will inform the concerned applicant/nodal agency.



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