Internet Marketing: Online Joint Class Telkom University & MMU: #5

Internet Marketing: Online Joint Class Telkom University & MMU: #5

Internet Marketing: Online Joint Class Telkom University & MMU: #5. Internet marketing is increasing rapidly for past few years, especially during this global pandemic situation. Almost all activities are transformed online due to the policy of physical activity restrictions. Therefore, almost all people tend to spend almost their time in surfing over the internet. In term of internet marketing, this situation brings new opportunity for both service/goods providers and costumers.

Looking at that background, Telkom University collaborated with  Multimedia University, Malaysia, and supported by Passage to ASEAN (P2A) to conduct Online Joint Class by raising the topic “Internet Marketing” on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020. Through this Online Joint Class session, participants can well informed the benefit of internet marketing, how to start online business, and how to utilize social media platform to run online business.

To deliver the material, Telkom University invited a lecture of Telkom University namely Mahir Pradana, Ph. D. His experiences in teaching Management Information Systems, Business Philosophy, and Business Risk Management enabled him to give new insights about Internet Marketing. In the beginniing of his lecture, he told his last night experience of online shopping activity.

He emphasized that he didn’t have the intention of buying something last night, but because he had trouble with the insomnia he used his gadget to browse and unconsciously ended up with online shopping. Through his story, he described how people nowadays are impulsive to buy something over the internet. It means that marketing strategy now is shifted from offline advertising into online advertising.

According to Mr. Pradana explanation, people are srarting to use internet marketing because it’s 24 hours live, wide scope, low cost high impact, and measurable. There are some marketing strategies to build an online business, including:

  1. Creating your website,
  2. Linking your website to relevant keyword in Search Engine Ads (Google AdWords),
  3. Optimizing website with SEO,
  4. Building awareness of your brand/product on the internet by using display/banner ads,
  5. Taking advantage of the power of social media to reach customers and ‘listen’ to their voice,
  6. Monitoring and analyzing website.

To sum up, as a form of innovation in the field of marketing, internet marketing company can expand market, bring in new customers, maintain contacts with customers, provide service without limit of time to customers, access information quickly, etc. In addition, to implement internet marketing, it is required to have mature planning of business.(IO)***