International Students of Telkom University Cooking Day

Cooking Day is a one day cooking for the International Students of Telkom University on Tuesday 19th November 2013. Begin with the hunting (it’s a happy shopping to buy the ingredients and the students decided to add more menu from 10 became 15). The cooking start at 3.30pm, and the International students enjoyed the cooking process (busy? yeah for sure… serious? Even more serious than the study somehow… but still the laughter was so lovely and wonderful). Then, a few hours later, the delicious foods are ready in the table:

  1. Oliver Salad
  2. Crab Salad
  3. Salati Chuponi (Vegetable Salad)
  4. Pelmeni (Middle Asia “pangsit daging”)
  5. Plov (Middle Asia Rice with Beef)
  6. Tibes Like Fride (Ethiopian Beef)
  7. Tomato Bredie (Beef & Tomato stew)
  8. Beef Potato Curry (South African Curry)
  9. Chasach Kour (Cambodian Fried Chicken)
  10. Meann (Cambodian Beef & Mushroom)
  11. Sausage and Bread (Middle Asia Menu)
  12. Tomyam (Thailand Seafood Soup)
  13. Roasted Beef and Chicken (Middle East Asia Menu)
  14. Pancake (Chocolate, Banana, Strowberry)
  15. Brownies

Enjoyed the foods together (International Students, National Students, Staff, and lecturers) eating,,,chatting,,,smiling… all together. And finally at the end of the cooking day are happiness and smiling face just like in the photograph. 

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