Indonesia-Africa Need to Collaborate More

Indonesia-Africa Need to Collaborate More


Indonesia-Africa Need to Collaborate More, it is necessary for African Students to expand their social interaction with Indonesian, especially Indonesia’s start upper, while they study in Indonesia. This activity will help them to absorb business knowledge as much as possible, so they can be the agent of change when they go back to their home country.

Director of Africa of the Foreign Ministry on Indonesia-Africa Forum Mr. Daniel Tumpal Simanjuntak mentioned this at “International Students Gathering: Indonesia-Africa Forum 2018” in Museum of the Asian-African Conference Bandung Indonesia, Tuesday (24/4/18), as a part of 63rd Annual Commemoration of the Asian-African Conference. The event also attended by Telkom University’s Rector Prof. Mochamad Ashari as one of the speaker, and Head of Museum of The Asian-African Conference Mrs. Meinarti Fauzie.

Mr. Simanjuntak was sharing about the global economic situation, and where is Africa and Indonesia position in it. He said that, Indonesia and Africa should collaborate more to face economic challenge in the future, because both parties actually have enormous potential. While Mr. Ashari from Telkom University explained about Telkom University’s program for foreign student, especially Africa’s student. He mentioned some of Telkom University’s alumni who came from Africa and now become successful man/woman, and the scholarship program.

“This year we provide about 7 billion rupiahs for foreign student scholarship. So if you need to level up your life and have the urge to create a better future for your country, please apply for the scholarship,” he said.

About 200 international students from 41 country were attended “International Students Gathering”. They said they were very happy to attend the event, because it gave them the opportunity to meet people from many nations and learn about them. Also, the topic of the discussion was relevant with current global situation.

Bandung, (Tel-U).

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