Graduation Ceremony 2022: 767 Graduates Officially Inaugurated!

Graduation Ceremony 2022: 767 Graduates Officially Inaugurated!

Graduation Ceremony 2022: 767 Graduates Officially Inaugurated! Graduation Ceremony of Telkom University for the Third Period of the Academic Year 2021/2022 was successfully conducted on Saturday, August 27th, 2022. Along with Graduation Ceremony, on that occasion, Telkom University also commemorated its 32nd anniversary as Telkom Campus and 9th anniversary as Telkom University. The other excitement of this Graduation Ceremony is that it was finally held onsite at the Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH), where for the last 2 years Telkom University had always held Online Graduation Ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the main agenda of the Graduation ceremony 2022 was still similar, which was to inaugurate graduates from all programs of Telkom University including Master Programs, Bachelor Programs, and Diploma Programs.

According to Dr. Anisah Firli as the Head of the Graduation Ceremony Committee, this Graduation Ceremony was the first onsite Graduation Ceremony in 2022 which Telkom University still prioritized the health protocols during this graduation ceremony.

“Although it is held offline, this Graduation Ceremony still prioritizes strict health protocols, as one of the requirements for participating in the Graduation Ceremony. We required graduates and their parents to have received a booster vaccine, and if they have not received a booster vaccine, they must submit evidence of a negative antigen result of a maximum of D-1 before the Graduation Ceremony,” she said.

Firli added, to avoid the crowd, the number of graduates who took part in TUCH would also be spaced apart, and parents/guardians who attended this Graduation Ceremony would be separated from the location of the graduates, namely in the halls of their respective faculties: the Hall of the Faculty of Creative Industries, the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Hall of the Faculty of Communication and Business, the Hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business, and the Manterawu Building Hall.

On this graduation ceremony 2022, the Chairman of the Senate of Telkom University, Dr. Ismail inaugurated 767 graduates from 31 study programs, among 44 study programs in seven faculties at Telkom University.

After going through this Graduation Ceremony, the graduates will join the Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) with more than 64 thousand alumni spread across 30 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Timor Leste.

Graduation Ceremony Remarks by Rector of Telkom University

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya in his speech on this Graduation Ceremony, conveyed congratulations to all graduates of Telkom University. “Congratulations to all graduates who have completed their education at Telkom University. In addition, we would also like to thank the parents/guardians who have entrusted their beloved children to study at the Telkom University,” he said.

On this joyful Graduation Ceremony, Prof. Adiwijaya also congratulated the entire Telkom University academia on the celebration of the 9th Anniversary of Telkom University, 32 years of the Telkom campus, where currently various achievements have been achieved by Telkom University. “As a university that has been accredited Excellent, Telkom University became the first private university in Indonesia which obtains the Excellent accreditation. Telkom University, at the age of 9 and has contributed to the nation for 32 years, has received the title as the Best Private Universities in Indonesia from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education,” he added.

Entering its 9th year, Telkom University is committed to continuing to contribute to the nation, by improving the quality of education that is oriented towards national and international standards. This is evidenced by the various international achievements that have been achieved, one of which is being the best private university no. 1 according to the Times Higher Education Youth University Ranking and is ranked 401+ out of 539 world universities.

Prof. Adiwijaya said that in 2022, Telkom University is targeting to become a university that prioritizes Entrepreneurial Culture Excellence, by instilling an entrepreneurial culture for the entire academic community. It is in line with the achievements gained by Telkom University as a university that has received the Widyapadhi Award for three consecutive years (2018, 2019 and 2020), as the Best University in Innovation Management, and since 2019 Telkom University research has been included in the Independent Cluster, namely the Highest Cluster from the Ministry of Research and Technology. In addition, there is currently more than 50 start-ups produced by Tel-U have contributed economically to Indonesia.

In closing of this Graduation Ceremony, the Rector of Telkom University invited all graduates to continue to make their parents proud, so surely God Almighty will make them happy too and be a driving force for future success. We hope that Telkom University graduates will always give their best and continue to contribute to the nation.(IO)***

Graduation Ceremony 2022 767 Graduates Officially Inaugurated