Dekranasda & Telkom University will Collaborate

Dekranasda & Telkom University will Collaborate

Dekranasda & Telkom University will Collaborate. Telkom University had an honor to be invited by the chairwoman of Regional National Craft Council of West Java (Dekranasda), Atalia Praratya Kamil, on Monday, February 3rd, 2020. The meeting was taken place at Dekranasda of West Java, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda, Bandung.

Dekranasda is a non-profit organization that facilitate arts lovers and enthusiasts to shelter and develop handicraft products and develop the business as well. Besides, Dekranasda seeks to improve the lives of business people, who some of them are small and medium business groups (UKM).

On that occasion, Telkom University had a chance to initiate a collaboration between Telkom University and Dekranasda, especially related to the introduction and involvement of Telkom University international students in the West Java Cultural activities initiated by Dekranasda. This initiation is one of the followed up collaborations of the MoU, signed by Telkom University and Dekranasda previously. 

Atalia Kamil, as the chairwoman of Dekranasda welcomed and accepted the initiation as she mentioned that there are many activities in West Java Provincial Government in which international students of Telkom University can be involved, such as community service, “Rebo Ngelmu”, and the annual exhibition of Dekranasda.

By those opportunities, Lia Yuldinawati, S.T., M.M., the director of Strategic Partnership and International Office of Telkom University hopes that international students of Telkom University will more experience the cultural exposure during studying and staying at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Since it cannot be denied that one of the reasons they choose Telkom University for their study is their curiosity toward the Indonesian culture. Thus, it should be our responsibility and also our pleasure to serve them best cultural exposure so that they can tell their family and friends in their country about the great Indonesia especially Bandung, West Java.

Fifteen international students of Telkom University who also attended the agenda were so happy toward the collaboration. They can’t wait to be involved in some of West Java Provincial Government activities. They also expressed their happiness by involving in TikTok Challenge together with the chairwoman of Dekranasda, the director of Strategic Partnership and International Office, and some International Office representatives of Telkom University. They played TikTok happily as the closing remarks of the agenda. Thank you, Dekranasda for such great experience and collaboration.(IO)***