Webometrics Version of Best Private University, Again

Webometrics Version of Best Private University, Again

Webometrics Best Private University, Again. This year is arguably the year full of achievements for Telkom University. Yes, Telkom University has reached brilliant achievements in various world university rankings, such as THE WUR, QS WUR, UI GreenMetric, and Webometrics. This time, the title of the No. 1 Best Private University in Indonesia was again achieved by Telkom University in the Webometrics ranking.

Webometrics Assessment

According to the results of the Webometrics ranking as of July 2021 which was launched on the webometrics.info page, Telkom University again managed to be the first rank for private universities in Indonesia, as a university that has a good quantity and quality of website content. As for the whole, Telkom University is ranked 6th in Indonesia and is ranked 1,416th in the world according to Webometrics. In the webometrics report, Telkom University outperformed well-known campuses in Indonesia.

Webometrics is the largest ranking of higher education institutions in the world that provides an assessment of all the best universities in the world through websites that are assessed based on open access, the number of researchers or lecturers, and the number of publications citing information from the university’s website and updated every six months.

Telkom University has been participating in the Webometrics Assessment Competition for many years. Every year, Telkom University get maximum Webometrics achievement.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya is very thankful for Webometrics achievement. He said that achievements achieved by Telkom University, including Webometrics, from year to year are a form of Telkom University’s commitment in providing good quality education for this nation. He also added that the golden generations that become the vision of Indonesia are produced from qualified universities.

“This is our commitment to continue to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia, and hopefully this Webometrics achievement can motivate the entire academic community in providing the best education for this campus and for the Indonesian nation”, said Prof. Adiwijaya.

Telkom University will maintain the Webometrics achievement in the future. Prof. Adiwijaya really appreciate everyone’s hard work for this achievement of webometrics.(IO)***

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