TIP CL: Engage 30 Global Partner Companies in TIP ON Event

TIP CL: Engage 30 Global Partner Companies in TIP ON Event

TIP CL: Engage 30 Global Partner Companies in TIP ON Event. TIP CL or named Telecom Infra Project Community Lab successfully held TIP ON (Open Network) Event 2022 on July 11-12, 2022. TIP ON Event 2022 is the first TIP CL event in Southeast Asia and was officially opened by three great representatives:

  1. Ir. Ismail M.T., Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology-Ministry of Communication and Information, the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Rizal Akbar, Vice President of Network/IT Strategy Technology Architecture-Telkom Indonesia representing CTO Telkom Indonesia, Herlan Wijanarko
  3. Dr. Adiwijaya, Rector of Telkom University

To introduce this Open Network solution, TIP CL Telkom University involved 30 global partner companies, including GSMA, Parallel Wireless, Baicells, GCI, Mavenir, HFCL, Ceragon, Amdocs, EdgeCore, Athonet, Murata, Mitac, Rittal, Redhat, IBM, HP Enterprise, Spirent, Comba, Ciena, Techbros, ALITA, KCCTech, APJII, Telkom Infra, IP Infusion, 4.0 Smart Industry, Train4Best, TIP Academy, Netco, Open Compute, Project, AICOMS, INACOS, Bandung Techno Park, School of Electrical Engineering, and School of Computing Telkom University which was attended by representatives from various countries including Romania, Australia, Singapore, India and Malaysia.

TIP CL On Event 2022

According to Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, the TIP ON Event 2022 facilitated every visitor who comes to visit the exhibition from partners and Telkom University Research Center. In addition, TIP CL also allowed visitors to join TIP CL Tour using live Open Wifi which was the first live Open Wifi in Indonesia.

Telkom University is an educational institution that is committed to becoming a world-class university that plays an active role in the development of information technology-based knowledge and provides excellent educational services. In 2020 Telkom University was selected to be the First Telecom Infra Project Community Lab (TIP CL) in Southeast Asia and the 14th in the world supported by Operators, GSMA, International TIP, Kominfo as an effort to accelerate the “Making Indonesia 4.0” Program.

“Hopefully through this TIP CL and TIP ON Event 2022, many more participants get inspired, so that together we can accelerate “Making Indonesia 4.0 program”, said Prof. Adiwijaya.

See you in another TIP CL event!(IO)***

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