Tel-U Sharing #2 “Interesting Places to Visit in My Country”

Tel-U Sharing #2 “Interesting Places to Visit in My Country”

Tel-U Sharing #2 “Interesting Places to Visit in My Country”. International Office of Telkom University held Tel-U Sharing for the second episode under the theme “Interesting places to visit in my country” on Saturday (17/5). This activity, which was a sharing activity from Telkom University International students to the local community, invited three international students.

They are Anastasiia Soroka from Ukraine, Ayuba Jobarteh from Gambia, and Ando Ratsara Fanaja from Madagascar. Just like the previous Tel-U sharing activity, this time the participants who participated were 50 students from Telkom Vocational School. The participants who are mostly new students accepted at SMK Telkom Bandung are showing their enthusiasm joining this sharing session.

Anastasiia, a student from Ukraine, told about her country which has 4 seasons with many beautiful places to visit by travellers, such as the Carpathian Mountains and Kyiv City at night. Meanwhile Ayuba, a student from Gambia introduced the culture and food that originated from his country. 

Due to a lot of unique cultures, it raised participants’ curiosity. Besides, Ayuba who is an Information System student also told about many beautiful places that are usually visited by the tourists. The third material in the sharing session was delivered by Fanaja, a student from Madagascar. She told us that there are many beautiful beaches in Madagascar, one of them is Tulear Beach.

In addition, Madagascar is also famous for its exotic animals such as fossa, maki and saona. At the end of the material, Fanaja also mentioned about the current conditions during the covid-19 pandemic in her country where there were 230 positive cases and 0 deaths.

By created this sharing session, it is expected that the participants can get insights and knowledge about the countries explained by the speaker. In addition, the chosen theme of interesting places to visit is expected to inspire the students to reach their dreams to visit or study in those countries.

This sharing session is also a part of the cooperation implementation within the Telkom Education Foundation which is expected to provide international exposure for Telkom Vocational students and as a part of community service from the International Office of Telkom University. There will be a lot of interesting topics in the further session. So, don’t hesitate to join us!(IO)***