Senate Meeting Welcomed 8.036 New Students

Senate Meeting Welcomed 8.036 New Students

Senate Meeting Welcomed 8.036 New Students. Senate Meeting Welcomed 8.036 New Students. A total of 8,036 new students at Telkom University for the 2022/2023 Academic Year have carried out the 2022/2023 New Student Campus Life Introduction (PKKMB) activity on September 12nd, 2022. A Senate Meeting for New Students Academic Year 2022/2023 on Friday (23/9/22) closed the series of event.

At the 2022/2023 New Student Senate Meeting, the chairman of Telkom University senate, Dr. Ismail inaugurated 8,036 new students consisting of Doctoral students, Masters, Bachelors, Applied Bachelors and Associate Experts. The Senate Meeting also attended by all senate committee, new students, and VIP guests.

Senate Meeting Reports

At the New Student Senate Meeting Telkom University Academic Director, Citra Kusuma Dewi, Ph.D reported that Telkom University’s new students came from all over Indonesia and several countries. She explained to the senate meeting audiences that they are all welcome, and the senate Meeting is the beginning to their future.

“In this Senate Meeting ee need to report that there are 32 new Tel-U students from the western tip of Indonesia, namely Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, and 27 students from Papua. This adds to the cultural diversity that exists at Telkom University and increases tolerance at Tel-U,” she explained.

In the senate meeting Citra also reports that there are 3 youngest new students at Telkom University who are currently 16 years old, namely Nadin Farah Pradipa, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Study Program, Elisabeth Trivana Sipayung, Faculty of Economics and Business, Management S1 Study Program, and Najwa Fajar from the Faculty of Creative Industries Program, Fine Arts Studies.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya advised all new students in senate meeting to become a strong generation, students must be problem solvers for their surroundings, then have self-management and leadership, and update on technological developments. In senate meeting, he also expressed his gratitude to parents/guardians who have entrusted their sons and daughters to study at Telkom University.(IO)***

Senate Meeting Welcomed 8.036 New Students