Requirements Engineering, Online Joint Course Telkom University & UTHM: #3

Requirements Engineering, Online Joint Course Telkom University & UTHM: #3

Requirements Engineering, Online Joint Course Telkom University & UTHM: #3. To keep activating students’ knowledge in the middle of global pandemics, Telkom University continues to strive to hold various online courses, including Online Joint Course with international partner universities.

Previously, Telkom University held Online Joint Course with Chitkara University by raising the bussiness management topics: Automobile Industry in Asia and Retail Industry in Asia. This time, Telkom University collaborated with Universiti Tunn Hussein Onn Malaysia to hold Online Joint Course by bringing the topic in engineering stuff: Requirements Engineering and Data Mining.

On Wednesday, May 13th, 2020, the first Online Joint Course between Telkom University and UTHM ran smoothly by inviting Dr. A. Salama Mustafa and  Mr. Jaty Hiliamsyah Husein, ST., M.Eng, as the invited speakers. The session was participated by 101 students from both universities who were enthusiastic and actively involved in discussion session.

In the first session, Dr. A. Salama Mustafa, a lecturer of UTHM  talked about the basic knowledge of Requirements Engineering. Based on Dr. Salama presentation, Requirements Engineering is the process of elicitation customers’ needs related to the operation and development of a particular system in form of requires and services then specify the related constraints under which they operates and developed.

There are two types of requirements including user requirements and system requirements. In term of system requirements, an engineer should take into account several items in creating or developing a software such as security, reliability, usability, so on and so forth.

In the second session, Mr. Jati Hiliamsyah Husein, ST., M.Eng, a lecturer of Telkom University discussed about the Creativity in Requirement Engineering. Mr. Jati said since creating a software relates to the clients, user satisfaction is important to gain by a software developer.

There are three types of customer satisfaction from Kano Model: Must Have, Satisfiers, Delighters. To gain customer satisfaction, an engineer must creative in creating or developing a software by applying elicitation techniques. Brainstorming, Hall of Fame, Idea Box, and Constraint Removal are several elicitation techniques.

To sum up the presentation, creativity and communication skill are important in satisfying the clients. An engineer must use creative techniques to install creativity in the requirements engineering activities. Sometimes, a client demands more and more to a software developer in producing a software. In this stage, an engineer can use win win solution to create or develop software which the client wants. Creativity and communication skill play major role to solve this kind of client. Having great creativity and communication skill can be a bargaining power for a software developer.

Through this kinds of Online Joint Course, it is expected that students keep updated on certain topic so that they can keep up with the trends.(IO)***