Product Design Camp 2021: Bringing Local to Global

Product Design Camp 2021: Bringing Local to Global

Product Design Camp 2021: Bringing Local to Global. Bringing local products to the global horizon is the tagline and also the hope of industry practitioners to increase the economy as well as the welfare of the community, especially local craftsmen. In line with that tagline, Product Design (Product Innovation and Management), School of Creative Industries-Telkom University gladly organizes the Product Design Camp 2021, under the theme “Indonesian Product Design and Traditional Craft: From Local to Global”. This program is scheduled from July 5th-16th, 2021 virtually and divided into two main event:

  1. Seminar & Workshop “Design and Tradition Unite”, July 5th-9th, 2021 at 8 AM-4 PM (Western Indonesian Time)
  2. Expo “Design and Tradition Unite”, July 12th-16th, 2021 at 8 AM-4 PM (Western Indonesian Time)

Product Design Camp Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Product Design Camp 2021 “Indonesian Product Design and Traditional Craft: From Local to Global” was successfully held this morning (05/07/2021), attended by number of students from various universities, including Dinamika Bangsa University, Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture-Bandung, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, University of Lampung, Indonesia University of Education, and University of Surabaya.

Dean of School of Creative Industries, Dr. Roro Retno Wulan, S.Sos, M.Pd. in her welcoming speech officially welcomes all participants to join the Product Design Camp 2021. Dr. Roro hopes that this Product Design Camp can facilitate collaboration to promote product design from local to global. In addition, Mr. Terbit Setya Pambudi ST, M.Ds, Head of Product Design Department hopes all participants enjoy the program since it will much more interesting than the other virtual general lectures as there will be Design Training, Workshop, and Product Exhibition as well. To make all participants more engaged each other as well as to the program itself, they are grouped into 5 teams. Over the next five days they will be involved in seminars and workshops with the excellent speakers such as:

  1. Lia Vilahur: Escuela Universitaria (ERAM) Spain
  2. Ziyuan Zhu: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA
  3. Fajar Pakar Junjunan: WISANKA (IFEX Best Design Awardee)
  4. Freddy Chriswantara: Bana Andaru Nusantara (Good Design Indonesia Awardee)
  5. Isa Pramana: Telkom University
  6. Dandi Yunidar: Telkom University

At the Product Design Camp 2021 opening ceremony, several videos were also shown, including Wonderful Indonesia and Indonesia Local Handcraft. Through the video, it can be seen that Indonesia has a unique and abundant natural resources which can be processed into unique products. Indonesia also has great local weavers, for example, weavers of rattan and pandan leaves. To produce a beautiful mat, they have to process pandan leaves for days, starting from the process of taking pandan leaves, boiling, coloring, drying to weaving. However, the selling price of the mat is still relatively cheap; a pair of mats is only sold at IDR 150,000.00-200,000.00.

Actually, local craftsmen scattered throughout Indonesia have extraordinary characteristics and skills that can turn natural materials into high-value products such as woven fabrics, plaited mat, and any other rattan products. However, there are still many local products that have not been recognized yet by many people, even less globally. And now, the global pandemics also hampered these local craftsmen to produce and sell their products. Therefore, through this program, Telkom University would like to ask for collaboration to help Indonesian culture go global by innovating yet preserving the local tradition in creating the handcraft.(IO)***

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