OJC TelU & Batangas: Machine Learning & Deep Learning

OJC TelU & Batangas: Machine Learning & Deep Learning

OJC TelU & Batangas: Machine Learning & Deep Learning. OJC stands for Online Joint Class is a collaborative class designed by Telkom University and partner universities. OJC was first initiated as an alternative joint program when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in all sectors, including the education sector in Indonesia. Since 2020, Telkom University has been actively holding OJC with various partner universities abroad with various interesting topics. Thousands participants has joined the OJC as one of their outbound mobility programs to experience international learning process.

In early 2022, Telkom University starts designing OJC with new partner university, Batangas State University, Philippines which finally launches our first OJC in February 2022. The Online Joint Class (OJC) between Telkom University Indonesia and Batangas State University Philippines presents the topic of Machine Learning & Deep Learning which are scheduled in two sessions.

OJC Session 1 Highlight

The 1st session of the OJC was held in February 21st, 2022 by inviting two excellent speakers:

  1. Nyoman Bogi Aditya Karna, ST., MSEE, lecturer at Telkom University
  2. Alvin Sarraga Alon, lecturer at Batangas State University

Attended by more than 280 participants, the two speakers shared their latest research on Machine Learning for Cyber Security. Dr Bogi, in the 1st session of the OJC covered his research on product point of view, including:

  1. IoT Reference Model, telling on what we should focus on Cyber-security in the IoT world.
  2. Market Analysis, helping us in finding which development board we should choose.
  3. Security on IoT, identifying the effectiveness of encryption
  4. Case Study, demonstrating the case study in Smart Greenbox, Internet of Drone Thing, and Security in a Box.

Meanwhile, Dr Alon shared their research in literature point of view. Those presentations were really interesting and brought new input especially for participants who are interested in Machine Learning topic.

OJC Session 2 Highlight

Again, hundreds of participants participated in the 2nd session of the Online Joint Class (OJC) between Telkom University and Batangas State University, Philippines on February 24th, 2022. In this session of OJC, participants learned about Deep Learning, a follow-up discussion of Machine Learning in the previous session of OJC.

The excellent speaker on the 2nd session of this OJC, Dr. Jeffrey S. Sarmiento and Dr. Syamsul Rizal delivered a clear and interesting presentation of topics including:

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Reasons to use Machine Learning
  3. Concepts & Process of Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learning: Regression, Classification & CNN

According to Herbert Alexander Simon in Dr. Sarmento’s presentation, Machine Learning is any process by which a system improves performance from experience. There are several reasons why Machine Learning is needed:

  1. Navigating places when human expertise cannot do
  2. Developing a system that can adapt on individual users
  3. Replacing human in doing monotonous task that requires intelligence
  4. Discovering new knowledge out of large data set/big data
  5. Helping human to fully understand their skills such as in Speech Recognition case
  6. Developing a system that’s too difficult or expensive if done manually

Our first kick-off OJC ran successfully and could attract participants’ enthusiasm so far. Hopefully Telkom University can continue to collaborate with Batangas State University in implementing other meaningful programs including OJC.(IO)***

OJC TelU & Batangas Machine Learning & Deep Learning