Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University

Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University

Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University. MONBUKAGAKUSHO SCHOLARSHIP 2022 is a Japanese Government scholarship for research students; this scholarship program is not for the exchange program but mainly for people who seeks a Master’s or Doctoral degree at Kanazawa University.



Deadline for applying to Monbukagakusho Scholarship is different in each graduate school. So please first contact the Student Affairs Division of each graduate school as soon as possible, but no later than January 17, 2022. The result of the selection will be announced in June 2022.



  1. TelUtizen coming from a bachelor or master degree.
  2. Applicants of monbukagakusho must have been born on or after April 2, 1987 (maximum age 35 years old).
  3. Applicants of monbukagakusho must satisfy qualification requirements for admission to either a master’s or doctoral course at a Japanese graduate school. (Applicants who will certainly satisfy the requirements by the time of enrollment are eligible.)
  4. Applicants of monbukagakusho must have excellent academic records and good honors.
  5. Applicants of monbukagakusho must have enough Japanese or English skills to conduct academic research and education.



  1. Applicants read detailed information regarding Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022.
  2. Applicants consult with academic supervisor regarding their plan to participate in Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University.
  3. Applicants have to find a prospective academic supervisor who will accept them among a professor or an associate professor from Kanazawa University, before applying for the Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022. The following webpage is useful for looking for a prospective academic supervisor at Kanazawa University:
  4. Applicants must submit the required documents. All documents must be written in either English or Japanese. If it is impossible, you must attach Japanese translations of them.



  1. Application cover sheet (download template at: )
  2. Completed application form (in both side printing) (download template at: )
  3. Field of Study and Study Program (in both side printing) (download template at:
  4. Photocopy of the university diploma or certificate of degree, or a certified letter from the university at which applicants are currently enrolled, stating the expected graduation date.
  5. Official academic transcript of all applicable undergraduate and graduate course work from the institution including applicant’s GPA and/or ranking in the institution.
  6. Photocopy of applicant’s passport or birth certificate or certificate of citizenship in the applicant’s home country
  7. A letter of recommendation written by the President, Dean or Director of the institution addressed to the President of Kanazawa University. (download template at:
  8. A Photograph (4.5×3.5cm; taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, uncapped) Write applicant’s name and nationality in block letters on the back of the photograph. It should be pasted on the specified place on the application form.
  9. Summary of the latest thesis for a degree
  10. Acceptance letter written by a prospective academic supervisor from Kanazawa University. (An emailed one is also available.)
  11. Certificate of English of Japanese Proficiency
  12. For those who are currently employed, a letter of release/recognition from their supervisor, recognizing their right to apply and/or pursue further education in Kanazawa University. (If applicable)
  13. Certificate of Health
    Please use the prescribed form (Download template at to be completed by the examining physician, and the certificate must be officially issued by the institution the physician belongs to.
  1. Pledge to Kanazawa University (download template at:
  2. Certificate of employment period (if applicants have been working)



The term of monbukagakusho scholarship will differ as follows depending on the types of students as accepted in Japanese universities.

  1. Allowance per month:
Research Students 143,000 yen
Master’s Program Students 144,000 yen
Doctoral Program Students 145,000 yen


  1. Flight ticket (departure and return)



All detailed information regarding the Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University can be found at this link:


Should you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact:

NOMURA Yuina (Ms.)

International Student Section,

International Student Exchange Division,

International Relations Department, Kanazawa University

Kakuma, Kanazawa 920-1192 Japan

Tel: +81-76-264-5294 Fax: +81-76-234-4043

E-mail: [email protected]


International Office of Telkom University
Phone: +62 813 2112 3400
Email: [email protected]


Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2022 at Kanazawa University