IJEP Master/Doctoral KumamotoIJEP for Master/Doctoral Course Program with MEXT Scholarship in Kumamoto University, October 2020. Graduate School of Science and Technology Kumamoto University, Japan. Kumamoto University invited Telkom University students to join IJEP (International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology) accepts qualified graduate students from overseas universities and provides education and research in English.

How to find Prospective Supervisor (Professor) Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST) Kumamoto University-Japan

First step: Decide your research interest

It is suggested to have discussion with your supervisor at home university beforehand.

Second step: Search Professor at Kumamoto University who had the same similar research topic.

Please check our Prospective Supervisors followings:



Third step: Prepare your research summary and personal documents (in English)

  • Recent CV (put your photos as well)
  • Summary of your recent research and future research (max. 2 sheets of A4 size is enough)
  • The latest official academic transcript
  • ITP TOEFL Score (Min. 530) or IELTS 0

Fourth Step: Contact Professor via e-mail

Applicants may find the e-mail address of Professor’s via the above URL by clicking the designated names.

Do not forget to put title of subject on your e-mail and introduce yourself kindly and briefly.

MEXT Scholarship Application for Admission in October 2020
1. University Recommendation (in the field of Science and Technology) for English language proficiency, there are 2 (two) options:

  • IELTS min. 5.5 or iBT 72
  • TOEFL ITP 543+TOEIC 785 (L 400, R 385)
  1. Special Allocation in the field of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Application Deadline:

February 3rd, 2020

Complete documents can be sent/submitted via The Kumamoto University Liaison Office at ITS, Surabaya


  • Universitas Telkom

International Office Telkom University, Bangkit Bulding (Rectorat Building), 1st Floor, Indonesia.

PIC                         : Ms. Ayu

E- mail                   : info@io.telkomuniversity.ac.id

  • Kumamoto University Liaison Office at ITS

Gedung Pasca Sarjana, Lt.1 (Ruang Direktorat lnovasi, kerjasama dan Kealumnian) Kampus lnstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Sukolilo-Surabaya Indonesia 60111

PIC                         : Ms. Mia Hernawati

Mobile phone    :  +62-813-3383-9689 (WA)

E- mail                   : mia.hernawati.sby@gmail.com