Japanese Language Scholarship 2021

Japanese Language Scholarship 2021

Japanese Language Scholarship 2021.It is a program providing a Japanese Course at Akamonkai Japanese Language School and working in the IT field in Japan for Telkom University’s Graduates (not student) in IT field. The program scheme includes studying in Akamonkai for 1.5 years (October 2021-March 2023) while looking for a permanent job in Japan. The tuition fee of 1,128,000 yen (approx. IDR 160 million) will be covered by scholarships granted to selected participants by Akamonkai Japanese Language School.


This program will be implemented in October 2021-March 2023.


  1. Having physically and mentally healthy.
  2. Having minimum S1 education majoring in IT (informatics engineering, computer engineering, etc.).
  3. The specific fields are according to the Skill check sheet (http://bit.ly/akamonkai). For those who are already working, it is supposed to be in the field of IT.
  4. Wishing to work in the IT field in Japan (any area) after studying Japanese.
  5. Having Japanese language proficiency with a minimum N5 certified.
  6. Having high motivation to learn Japanese.
  7. Having good understanding of the “Terms & Condition” and “Disqualification Issues” described in the next session.


  1. Willing to follow the rules both in Japan and in Akamonkai and the rules of this program.
  2. Willing to work part time/arubaito that Akamonkai determines.
  3. Willing to bear living expenses only from part time/arubaito salary income in Japan except expenses early life.

*In 2020 salary in Tokyo min. 1,013 yen / hour. May be, max. 28 hours / week. Approximate month salary ± 120,000 yen

  1. Must live in the Akamonkai dormitory defined by Akamonkai while studying in Akamonkai. Dormitory fee 2 room people around 35,000-40,000 yen per month.
  2. While studying at Akamonkai, willing to find a permanent job in Japan with support from the company Human Power in collaboration with Akamonkai.
  3. Understanding that there may be a probationary period at companies in Japan at the start of work, after completion. This probation period will only be appointed as an employee and the system depends on the company.
  4. After passing the selection to participate in this program, there will be a registration process at Japanese immigration to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). A CoE is required document to apply for a student visa in Indonesia. Participants of this program must understand that there is no guaranteed CoE & student visa.
  5. Willing to pay a JIN (Japan Indonesia Network) administration fee of IDR 2,500,000 to prepare CoE application documents.
  6. Understanding on the possibility of his decision being postponed due to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic and willing to follow policy of the Japanese government to deal with this pandemic condition.


  1. Being absence (without confirmation) from school for long period of time.
  2. Being expelled from school by Akamonkai.
  3. Withdrawing from this program/Akamonkai school.
  4. Getting a job in Japan before graduating from Akamonkai.
  5. Having no possibility of getting a permanent job while studying at Akamonkai.
  6. Getting sick or injured which makes participant cannot continue this program.
  7. Receiving another scholarship from other program.
  8. Having negligence for the obligations stipulated by Akamonkai.
  9. Having bad school grades and bad behavior/attitudes.
  10. Being known to have a relationship with bad group committing crime.
  11. Having no comply with the criteria scholarship recipients of this program.


No Documents Notes
1 Application For Admission (Akamonkai Format) Written in English
2 Curriculum Vitae (Akamonkai Format) Written in English
3 Job experience (Akamonkai Format) Written in English
4 Skill check sheet (Akamonkai Format) Written in English
5 Copy of diploma Written in Indonesia/English
6 Copy of latest academic transcript Written in Indonesia/English
7 Copy of skills certificate Written in Japanese
8 Softcopy of photo  
9 Copy of passport (if any) Identity page and visa page and stamp to Japan

Required documents for processing CoE at Japanese immigration (if declared to have passed the selection)

No Documents Notes
1 Copy of latest diploma Will be translated by JIN
2 Copy of latest academic transcript
3 Copy of family card
4 Copy of birth certificate
5 Japanese proficiency certificate (original)  
6 Permit Letter (Akamonkai Format)  
7 JIN Agreement Letter (JIN Format)  

Note: Additional documents may be requested


Date Timeline Notes
10 March 2021 Application Deadline: Participants send
documents to JIN’s email
[email protected]
17 March 2021 Document selection results Only notified to participants who pass the selection
21-26 March 2021 Online interview (Zoom / skype, etc.)
by Akamonkai
Use English & Japanese. Check
oral & written Japanese language skills
31 March 2021 Interview result Only notified to participants who pass the selection
1-5 April 2021 Payment of JIN administration fees to
26 April 2021 Participants send Documents (Immigration Process) for
arrange CoE to JIN via courier
Required documents for processing CoE at Japanese immigration (if declared to have passed the selection)
  Application for CoE at Japanese Immigration by
19 August 2021 Estimated CoE outcome from Japanese Immigration  
After 20 August 2021 The final selection step Check the progress of learning Japanese &
oral & written Japanese language skills
End of September Departure to Japan  
Early October Program starts  


JIN administration fee: Rp. 2,500,000 (pay after passing the interview selection to prepare CoE documents. It includes Japanese translation fee + document check + sending original documents to Japan)



Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

Mayumi H. Oyama

Phone   : +62-22-2045-1463

WA         : +62-81-2147-7937

Email     : [email protected]


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