iWeek 2021 from UM: “Embracing Diversity for a Better Tomorrow”

iWeek 2021 from UM: “Embracing Diversity for a Better Tomorrow”

iWeek 2021 from UM: “Embracing Diversity for a Better Tomorrow”. iWeek 2021 is an international mobility program organized by University of Malaya Malaysia. UM International Week 2021 raises the theme “Embracing Diversity for a Better Tomorrow” in order to cultivate students with international experiences towards producing more global mindset graduates.


PERIOD OF UM iWeek 2021

UM iWeek 2021 will be held within a duration of 5 days starting from 6-10 December 2021.



NoProgramActivitiesParticipants TargetRegistration
1Study Abroad OpportunitiesStudents’ Experience SharingNominated Telkom University StudentsRegistration Link:
Partner’s Info sharing Session
 Education Exhibition
2Cultural ExchangeFun Language Hour
Cultural Engagement Workshop
Cultural Exhibition
International Traditional Performing Arts Festival
3Enrichment & EngagementUM International Alumni EngagementNominated Students & Staff
International Networking DayStaff of Telkom UniversityRegistration Link:
Faculty Series20 Nominated Telkom University StudentsRegistration Link:



TelUtizen who are interested to join the program in UM iWeek 2021 must register before November 12th, 2021.



  1. TelUtizen reads detailed program of the UM iWeek 2021.
  2. Students must join the internal nomination step and register to https://bit.ly/nominationUMiWeek2021 . Once you are accepted in nomination step for joining UM iWeek 2021, you will be informed to register in UM iWeek 2021 online registration.
  3. Staff can register directly to https://bit.ly/pre-registrationUMiWeek2021



A. Study Abroad Opportunities

In this program, UM iWeek 2021 invites participants to join three activities including:

  1. Students’ Experience Sharing

This activity invites students who have experienced the study abroad program. The speakers will share about the application requirements, eligibility, application procedures and the wonderful study abroad experience. This session will be held in December 10th, 2021 at 10:00 AM-12:30 PM (Malaysian Time).

  1. Partner’s Info sharing Session

In UM iWeek 2021, there’s also a discussion session with partners on 6-10 December 2021. The daily live sessions with selected partner universities are scheduled on two different sessions which include:

  1. Education Exhibition

Education Exhibition, one of UM iWeek activities provides a platform for students to explore and find out more about the partner universities that offer Study Abroad (Mobility) program from 6-10 December 2021. Partner University will set up a virtual booth to share their fact sheets, videos and other promotional materials to be uploaded on the exhibition webpage.


B. Cultural Exchange

The second program in UM iWeek 2021 is related to cultural program. Participants can enjoy 4 activities as follow:

  1. Fun Language Hour

In this UM iWeek 2021, participants can learn various foreign languages. There are 4 different language classes including Malay, Thai, Italian and French Language.

Schedules are as follows:

Date / Time4.30pm – 6.00pm
6 December 2021Italian Language
7 December 2021Thai Language
8 December 2021Malay Language
9 December 2021French Language
  1. Cultural Engagement Workshop

Culture is the element of unity. The arts & heritage of every society are worth understanding and cherishing as well as embracing the differences of different cultures and traditions. There are in total of 4 sessions and the Schedules that you can join in this UM iWeek 2021 activities:

Date / Time2.30pm – 4.30pm
6 December 2021Ethnic Heritage: The Indigenous Communities
7 December 2021Martial Arts from Asian Countries: Featuring Tai Chi, Taekwondo & Karate
8 December 2021Intercultural Sharing Session (Short Talk + Panel Discussion)
9 December 2021Culinary Workshop: Chinese Dumpling Cooking


  1. Cultural Exhibition

In this UM iWeek 2021, each country representative (UM International Students) will be given a virtual booth to showcase their country’s culture, arts, food, etc.

  1. International Traditional Performing Arts Festival

The UM International Traditional Performing Arts Festival is one the highlights of UM iWeek organized by UM Faculty of Creative Arts.

There are series of activities where participants can join throughout the event.

  • Performing Arts Daily Lecture Class including theater class, music class, etc.
  • Daily Live Performances & Expert Sharing Session (4 different countries participating including Malaysia, Indonesia, Russian, & Korea)
  • Grand Closing Live Performances


C. Enrichment & Engagement

In the last program in UM iWeek 2021, participants can engage in three activities, such as:

  1. UM International Alumni Engagement

There are 2 parts of the sessions and the details are as follows:

Part 1: Introduction to Alumni Chapters

Part 2: Sharing Session with International Alumni with interactive games By CARIA

  1. International Networking Day

This activity is specially designed for staff, especially international office staff or other international related fields’ staff.

  1. Faculty Series

Experts from the field of Business & Economics, Languages & Linguistics, Computer Science & Information Technology, and International Development & East Asian Studies will offer online classes for the participants. It is scheduled daily in 2 hours session at 10:00 AM-12:00 PM (Malaysian Time). This UM iWeek activity invites nominated students from university partners.



Participants who join this UM iWeek 2021 will surely get:

  1. E-Certificate
  2. Door-prize
  3. Knowledge & widen network



Should you have any inquiries about the UM iWeek 2021 at University of Malaya Malaysia and interested in joining the program, don’t hesitate to contact:


International Office of Telkom University

Phone: +62 813 2112 3400 (Whatsapp Only)

Email: info@io.telkomuniversity.ac.id


iWeek 2021 from UM “Embracing Diversity for a Better Tomorrow”