International Students on Talkshow at 107.5 PRFM News Channel

International Students on Talkshow at 107.5 PRFM News Channel

International Students on Talkshow at 107.5 PRFM News Channel. Again, International Students of Telkom University were invited to appear in “Mimbar Publik” segment at 107.5 PRFM Talkshow on Tuesday, February 24th, 2020. Fatulloev Hikmatullo, a student of ICT Business from Tajikistan and Chen Meng Ting, a darmasiswa student from China share their experiences living in Indonesia. The Assistant Manager for International Mobility, Lia Marlia, also join the Talkshow to explain the international mobility programs in Telkom University.

In an hour talkshow guided well by the announcer, Meng Ting and Fatulloev told about the different education system in Indonesia and their country. Fatulloev added that in his country, he studied in one school from first grade until high school. While in Indonesia, people can choose different school and different expertise, such as in vocational school. He also found that by studying outside of his country makes him more interested in learning about the culture as well. He said that he is also amazed by the cultural diversity of Indonesia which has more than seven hundreds local languages. 

Meng Ting, who is a student of darmasiswa program, also shares her experience in studying Indonesia Language in Telkom University. She told that learning Indonesia language is easier than other languages. She had learnt many languages and found out that the grammar of Indonesian language is the easiest grammar to follow.

Thus, she is also taking Indonesian language as her major in university in China. Besides sharing their experiences with the announcer, they also had an interactive session with the listeners. Many listeners are curious about their first impression towards Indonesia. Meng Ting, who has been living in Indonesia for six months, stated that she was amazed by the hospitality of Indonesian people. They always give her a hand every time she faces difficulties.

Many listeners also ask about their experience when tasting Indonesian foods. Fatulloev, who had assumed himself as a local person, said that he fell in love with Indonesian instant noodle. At the end of the session, they were asked to show a performance by singing a song from their own country.(IO)***