International Student Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

International Student Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

International Student Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Yesterday (1/12/2020), Telkom University in collaboration with the Universitas Islam Indonesia successfully held the 1st series of International Students’ Talk with the topic: “International Student Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The Opening Ceremony which was held 30 minutes before the Sharing Session was attended by several representatives from each university. On that occasion, the Vice Rector of Telkom University for Research, Innovation, and Partnership, Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti, M.T., had the opportunity to deliver a welcoming speech to officially open the International Students’ Talk which will be held in 2 series with different inspiring theme.

In this 1st series, four excellent speakers: dr. Nadhira Nuraini Afifa (Harvard University’s Alumni from Indonesia/Influencer), MD. Jamaluddin, Ph.D (student in KIT), Bhawya (international student of Telkom University), and Tran Thi Yen Thoung (student of Duy Tan University), guided by Ayub Ilfandy Imran, Ph.D as a moderator, shared their experiences while studying abroad and their experiences in responding to and adapting to changes in the learning process during this global pandemic.

Nadhira Nuraini Afifa, the guest star of this event started this sharing session very enchanting and inspiring. She shared how she studied at Harvard University 9 months before the global pandemic struck. A student-centered learning at Harvard University certainly made Nadhira even more motivated to show her abilities as all students at Harvard University are required to be active in various activities including participating in the Student Speaker Contest at the 2020 Harvard Chan Convocation event. After struggling to prepare everything she could, including taking part in Public Speaking Coaching, Nadhira successfully managed to become the winner of the Student Speaker Contest where she would present a graduation speech in the graduation ceremony of Harvard University. That’s totally awesome.

This proves that even though the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the learning process into online mode which of course many obstacles are faced there, this does not prevent anyone from achieving their dreams and making them happen if they want to try harder. “Dream is like something far, so turn your dreams into sets of goals, then determine some steps/plans to achieve that goal”, Nadira said.

So, what can we do to be productive during this pandemic? Nadhira shared some tips and mindset to stay productive amidst the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Wake up early and dress up as you usually go to campus or office
  2. Make “to do” list which can help you structured
  3. Study or work in the right desk to help you study/work in a conducive way

Three other international students, besides telling their experiences studying in online mode, shared the current condition of their country in facing Covid-19. Luckily, Bhawya was not too affected by Covid-19 as she stated that she still lives a normal life because she is actually a student who tends to spend time with family at home. The only difference is the learning method, which previously had to go to campus, now only studying at home through CeLOE, a Learning Management System in Telkom University.

Don’t miss the next International Students’ Talk Series 2: “We are multiculturism: Indigenization and Internationalization”, which will be held in Friday, December 4th, 2020. See you!(IO)***