Initiation of Cooperation between NAM CSSTC & Telkom University

Initiation of Cooperation between NAM CSSTC & Telkom University

Initiation of Cooperation between NAM CSSTC & Telkom University. On Friday (10/07/2020), Telkom University received a visit from Non-Aligned Movement Centre For South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC). Five delegates from NAM CSSTC, including Ambassador of NAM CSSTC, Diar Nurbintoro (legal consultant), Assistant Director of Program Affairs, Niken Supraba, Assistant Director of Administration and Finance, Eko Takariawan, Information and Network Staff, Suroso, were warmly welcomed by Telkom University representatives: Vice Rector of Telkom University for Research, Innovation, and Partnership, Dr. Ir. Rina PudjiAstuti, M.T., Director of Strategic Partnership and International Office, Lia Yuldinawati, S.T,. M.M., and Manager of International Office, Indah Fajarwati.

NAM CSSTC head of delegate Diar Nurbiantoro explained that NAM CSSTC is an organization under the non-aligned movement which was established in 1995, at the initiative of Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. The non-aligned movement itself has several committees. Various development programs, especially capacity building have been implemented by NAM CSSTC. In the development of capacity building program in agriculture and fisheries, NAM CSSTC has invited students from non-aligned member countries to universities in Indonesia.

NAM CSSTC also collaborated with some universities in Indonesia to provide educations for youth from member countries. After graduating from university, student from member countries must go home to their country and help develop their country. NAM CSSTC hopes to get the same collaboration opportunity or maybe more, together with Telkom University.

Vice Rector Rina Pudji Astuti accept with open arms this invitation to cooperation. She said, Telkom University has collaborated with some partners for international students scholarship, such as Telkomcel, and Indonesian government. So to manage this kind of cooperation, is not a new thing for Telkom University.

In general, Telkom University is open for collaboration. This is also a good opportunity for Telkom University to collaborate with NAM CSSTC. Further discussion might be held to discuss the details of the collaboration that might be carried out.(IO)***