Fun with Engineering Learning in Remote Short-Term Student Exchange Program 2020

Fun with Engineering Learning in Remote Short-Term Student Exchange Program 2020

Fun with Engineering Learning in Remote Short-Term Student Exchange Program 2020. Finally, the Remote Short-Term Student Exchange Program 2020 between Telkom University and Universiti Malaya has been implemented successfully from November 16th to November 20th, 2020. During the lectures and discussion session, 24 inbound participants from the University of Malaya spend 5 days of online courses very actively and enthusiastically from 9 AM to 4.30 PM.

Who would have thought, the online learning that took for about 7 hours straight for 5 intensive days still made the participants enthusiastic about participating in each material and project given. Because, as we know that sometimes online learning brings several constraints, moreover in learning engineering stuff like Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, and so on. Surprisingly, the participants still showed a high commitment to study. Thanks to all excellent lecturers who delivered the material and made the class interactive and fun.

On the first day (16/11/2020), the participants attended the brief Opening Ceremony where they were officially welcomed in the Remote Short Term Student Exchange Program 2020. They then continued to join the Cultural Session to see two traditional cultures of West Java, namely the Rampak Kendang performance and the Jaipongan “Bajidor Kahot” performance. Not forget to mention, at the end of the 1st day, they joined Kahoot Games to refresh their mind after getting information about some cultures of West Java.

Entering the 2nd to the last day, participants learned about the engineering material including: Processing Using Open CV, AI in Everyday Life, Machine Learning, and Industrial Talk. Participants studied Image Processing Using Open CV from three excellent lecturers of Telkom University: Muhammad Ikhsan Sani, S.T., M.T., Simon Siregar, S.Si., M.T., and Muhammad Rizqy Alfarisi, S.ST, M.T., on the 2nd day.

The materials and exercises that are usually completed in 1 semester can be compacted into 1 day course and amazingly the participants can finish the assignment well. On the next day of the Remote Short-Term Student Exchange Program 2020, two great speakers: Tri Widarman, S.MB., M.M. and Dr. Andry Alamsyah shared materials about AI in Everyday Life. Participants truly learn a lot from the speakers about the material. They also got a chance to explore the material in the project time.

On the 4th day, participants continued learning great material from Dr. Putu Harry Gunawan. He shared a material on the Machine Learning. Again, at the end of the session Dr. Putu gave a project to the students. And of course, the students gave their best on the project. On the last day, there was an Industrial Talk by inviting Angga Rusdinar, S.T., M.T., Ph.D, Director of Research and Community Service at Telkom University. Students are given information about various innovations created and developed by Telkom University academics.

To officially close the program, after the Industrial Talk, a Closing Ceremony was held. Representatives from Telkom University and the University of Malaya gave their closing remarks expressing their gratitude for this great collaboration to organize and implement the program.(IO)***