Freshmen of Telkom University 2021: 7.554 Students, Welcome!

Freshmen of Telkom University 2021: 7.554 Students, Welcome!

Freshmen, a total of 7,554 have been officially inaugurated as new students of Telkom University Academic Year 2021/2022 on September 17th, 2021, by the Chair of the Telkom University Senate, Dr. Ismail, in the Open Session of the Senate for Admission of Telkom University Freshmen Academic Year 2021/2022 which took place online. Those freshmen carried out the Introduction to Freshmen Campus Life (PKKMB) activity, which began on September 13th, 2021. According to the Telkom University Academic Director, Dr. Ahmad Rizal, this year, all freshmen of Telkom University came from all provinces in Indonesia. He added that the diversity of tribes, cultures that exist in Indonesia is also found at Telkom University, where it can be said that Telkom University is a miniature of Indonesia.

In his report, Dr. Ahmad Rizal also gave warm welcome to all freshmen. “Welcome to the best private campus in Indonesia! You are the best selected students who managed to get rid of more than 100 thousand applicants from Sabang to Merauke. By joining Telkom University, the Tel-U family is getting bigger, with a total of 32 thousand students”, He said.

“Currently we (Tel-U) have accepted 7,554 freshmen of which the number of freshmen from Western Indonesia, namely Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, is 47 freshmen, and those from Eastern Indonesia, namely Papua, are 29 freshmen,” He added.

Freshmen in the 21st Century Education Framework

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adwijaya in his speech advised all freshmen of Telkom University, that in the 21st Century Education framework, developed by the World Economic Forum, there are at least 16 skills that need to be mastered, in order the future generations can survive and succeed. “These skills are divided into 3 major groups, namely basic literacy, competence, and character education. Now, we will only focus on aspects of competence known as the 4Cs, namely critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity”, He explained to all freshmen.

In addition, Prof. Adiwijaya explained to the freshmen that a critical mindset also needs to be applied so that students can train themselves to seek the truth from any information they get. These skills are indispensable to overcome the negative impact of access to unlimited information. “Communication is defined as the ability to convey ideas and thoughts quickly, clearly, and effectively. What we need to realize is that in conveying something, we need to understand not only the content we want to convey, but also we need to understand the context at which time and with whom we communicate”, He said.

Likewise, Prof. Adiwijaya emphasized to all freshmen that collaborative behavior is very necessary, to achieve the goals set together. The first point to note is that we have to trust each other, and believe that collaborating is practicing to develop the best solution that is acceptable to everyone in the group. Creativity can be interpreted as the ability to think outside the box without being limited by rules that tend to bind. “After that all of you continue to behave positively, don’t give up, and give your best to what you are going through. We (Tel-U) have a tagline to create the nation’s future, but it’s not just a tagline, but our commitment to create a better future for the Indonesia through future Tel-U students”, He said to all freshmen.

In closing Prof. Adiwijaya expressed his gratitude to the parents/guardians of Telkom University freshmen who entrusted their children to study at Telkom University.(IO)***

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