Saxion University Double Degree Program with Telkom University for Creative Industry is one of Telkom University Program to support Internationalization Mobility Program.

This program is eligible for the third year students of Telkom University. The Telkom University students should get TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0 and have GPA > 3.0 out of 4.0 to join this program.

This program open for:

  1. School of Creative Industry

Course Information

Course type: Academic Bachelor
Course sector: Creative Industry
Course duration: 4 Year
Degree: Bachelor of Art (B.A)

Course Scheme

This Program Consist of 3+1 Scheme ( 3 Years study in Tel-U and 1 Years study in Saxion)

Tel-U student who joining Double Degree Program will first take a 3 years prerequisite program (minimum 108 sks) in Tel-U.

Tel-U student will take preparation before the start of the double degree program. This preparation course covers the following two technical subject and learning goal and meets at least 3 ECTS (2 SKS) per subject. Both subjects should successfully finish in order to be able to enroll in a double degree program.

  1. Course one – Web Technology

Learning Goals:

  • Know the use and purpose of HTML and CSS
  • Can Write and adjust HTML and CSS
  • Can create different website layout with HTML and CSS
  • Can integrate google map in a website
  • Can use media queries to make a website responsive
  • Can apply W3C validation


  1. Course two – Programming

Learning Goals:

  • Understand basic programming principles like variable, arrays, logic, function, events, loops, and classes.
  • Can program in structured manners to help find bugs.


Tel-U students of this double degree program wit continue at Saxion, with the following course:

Focus on Innovation 15 ECTS
Focus on Innovation 25 ECTS
Individual Focus 15 ECTS
Individual Focus 25 ECTS
Compression5 ECTS
SD-Project5 ECTS
Graduation30 ECTS