Climate Action, After Class Talk #8

Climate Action, After Class Talk #8

Climate Action, After Class Talk #8. Climate change poses a clear and present danger to our entire civilization. The consequences are already evident and will be disastrous unless we act quickly. The Sustainable Development Goals #13 take Climate Action as a focus. This goal invites people to make the necessary changes to protect the earth via education, innovation, and adherence to our climate obligations. These developments also present significant opportunities to update our infrastructure, which will result in the creation of new jobs and increased global prosperity.

After Class Talk #8 is back with an insightful topic on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #13: Climate Action. Entitled with the same as the topic, Climate Action, this event was held on Friday, OCtober 22nd 2021 at 3.30 pm via zoom meeting. Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) is focused on how to respond to climate change. This event invited Pradipta Dirgantara, lecturer and environmentalist from Telkom University and Muhammad Iqkma Hakim, a student from Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia to share their experience and opinion related to Climate Action.

Climate Change: From Global to Local Action

Opening the first interval, Mr. Pradipta gave a surprising fact about climate change, the fact that the earth’s climate is changing, and humans are accelerating these changes. Realizing this, the United Nation uses it as the main point to summarize these environmental actions and movements in Climate Action. In his presentation too, Mr. Pradipta gave some suggestions of actions that we can take in realizing this Climate Action such as Shifting our mindset about nature, Starting from something small like reducing the use of carbon footprints, and spreading the awareness through collaboration.

In the second interval of the Climate Action event, Iqkma Hakim was present as a speaker. He explained the current climate change conditions in Malaysia such as drastic changes in temperature, more frequent landslides due to heavy rains, damage to animal habitats, polluted rivers, and the increasing greenhouse effect. In his presentation, he conveyed several ideas on how to realize Climate Action starting from simple actions such as using eco-friendly products, using public transport, doing Recycle activities, to how to optimize renewable energy, and increasing the number of public transportation modes.

The inspirational presentations from Pradipta Dirgantara and Iqkma Hakim lead us to the conclusion that responsibility for climate change does not only belong to the government or the United Nation, the rate of change is much influenced by us, humans. Therefore, we must also contribute to this Climate Action.

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Climate Action, After Class Talk #8