Building Resilience and Well-Being with Mindfulness, the 13th Online Joint Class Tel-U & MMU

Building Resilience and Well-Being with Mindfulness, the 13th Online Joint Class Tel-U & MMU

Building Resilience and Well-Being with Mindfulness, the 13th Online Joint Class Tel-U & MMU. Today (11/9) Telkom University in collaboration with Multimedia University Malaysia and supported by Passage to ASEAN (P2A) conducted the 13th Online Joint Class under the topic “Building Resilience and Well-Being with Mindfulness”. The speakers of this session are Prof. Dr. Lai Ming Ming and Dr. Vincent Oh Kim Seng. Both of them are professor and lecturer of the Multimedia University Malaysia. This class was attended by more than ninety students and participants from both universities and P2A members.

Prof. Dr. Lai Ming Ming, the first speaker started her presentation by giving the pre-test of stress level assessment to be filled out by the participants. Her topic covered basic mindfulness, practices for enhancing well-being and rumination and stress. Based on her explanation, she defined mindfulness as an awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, being in the present moment and being non-judgemental to the unfolding of an experience moment by moment as cited from Jon Kabat-Zinn (1979) and (2003). She also mentioned several benefits of mindfulness practices as follows:

  1. Calm your emotions and focus
  2. Increases abilities in self-management, stress reduction, and mental health
  3. For Individual: Stress reduction, better sleep, focused, higher performance, healthier, and happier
  4. For student: Stress reduction, focused, better academic performance, and happier
  5. For corporation: To boost employees’ productivity, stress reduction, corporate wellness, and bottom line of the company.

Moreover, she also explained the practices for enhancing well-being with mindfulness. They are to have an exercise and good sleep, to have social connection, to always feel grateful and to have meditation. She clearly stated that by having meditation it can help us to change our mind, brain and body as well as revealed how training the mind can transform the brain to create a greater sense of well-being.

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Dr. Vincent Oh Kim Seng explained about the guide to being more mindful throughout the day. He started by asking the participant to have 3-5 minutes of breathing exercise. He asked the participant to sit down straight out and put the foot firmly on the floor and tried to breath in and breath out on normal pace and sometimes asking to have a deep breath.

Besides, he also asked the participant to do a body scanning exercise. It helps the participant to feel relax during the presentation. Furthermore, he also explained on how to start practicing mindfulness by setting aside sometimes, observing the present moment as it is, letting our judgement roll by, returning to observe the present moment as it is and be kind to our wondering mind. Today’s topic is kind of therapy time for the participants.(IO)***