Advisory Board 2018 to Strengthen Innovation, Branding, and Number of Professors

Advisory Board 2018 to Strengthen Innovation, Branding, and Number of Professors

Telkom University visited the Advisory Board 2018 on 16th August in Jakarta to Strengthen Innovation, Branding, and Number of Professors. The visit was annually organized one or two days tight after the commemoration of Telkom University anniversary on August 14th, this year is the 5th anniversary. The Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari M.Eng., Ph.D along with the Vice Rectors and Deans of the Faculties visited the Advisory Board to report performance of the last year and had a discussion to improve the value of the institution in the future.

Prof. Nuh expressed two things to Telkom University, first what became a challenge for Telkom University was in the second five years. There’s a need the ability to maintain survivability.

“Maintain to stay like this or even be better. We need to maintain the ecosystem that has been formed, don’t change.” Said Nuh.

Second, placing an institution on the system, breakthroughs and innovations need to be done because the initial establishment of Telkom University has provided excellent results. So that the room for improvement is narrower due to the increase in the exponential chart produced.

“Placing an institution over someone is very dangerous. Place an institution on a system. We have a good start, so we have to strengthen our breakthroughs and innovations, because the space to increase is already narrow. Look for another breakthrough that is still wide. Responding to an entrepreneurial university, entrepreneur is anyone’s room, there is no ownership there. We are free to enter and innovate there, ” explained Nuh.

Agreeing on what Prof. Nuh had revealed, Dr. Basuki Yusuf Iskandar also paid attention to Telkom University’s exponential growth.

“;Thank you and grateful for all your achievements. Telkom University’s growth chart I think is not only linear but exponential. Even though this is only the first five years. In the future, how we make people who can change and adapt from one job to another in the 4.0 industrial revolution,” he explained.

Finally, the Minister Expert Staff in Strategic Management, Priyantono Rudito Ph.D, focused on branding that Telkom University needed to strengthen in the future. He also reminded that the number of professors at Telkom University could continue to increase.