Academic & Social Life, IISMA Info Session Festival

Academic & Social Life, IISMA Info Session Festival

Academic & Social Life, IISMA Info Session Festival. Academic & Social Life during pursuing a study is certainly an interesting topic to discuss because it will be a consideration for people in participating in certain program/study at the universities and countries as well. On last day of IISMA Info Session Festival, the topic of Academic & Social Life was raised to share to the audience especially students who wish to enroll for IISMA 2022 by presenting six awardees of IISMA 2021. IISMA Info Session Festival is a collaborative info session fair hosted by Parahyangan Catholic University, Padjajaran University, Indonesian University of Education, Telkom University, National Institute of Technology, and Maranatha Christian University in 5 days (January 31st, February 1st, 3rd-5th, 2021).

The last day of the IISMA Info Session Festival under the topic “Academic & Social Life” was held on February 5th, 2022, attended by the Directorate of Strategic Partnership & International Office of Telkom University, Lia Yuldinawati, S.T., M.M. and Student Affairs, Innovation, and Partnerships-Maranatha Christian University, Dr. Krismanto Kusbiantoro, S.T., M.T. The speakers for this info session are:

  1. Alvin Darmawan, a student of Telkom University participating Student Exchange at Palacky University, Czech Republic.
  2. Komang Jaya B. M., a student of Telkom University participating Student Exchange at Pennsylvania State University, United States.
  3. Aznanissa Maghfira, a student of Indonesian University of Education participating Student Exchange at University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
  4. Azzahra Nathania, a student of Padjajaran University participating Student Exchange at Middle East Technical University, Turkey.
  5. Hubert Fernaldy, a student of National Institute of Technology participating Student Exchange at Hochschule Hannover, Germany.
  6. Isyanti Rahamaya, a student of Parahyangan Catholic University participating Student Exchange at Sapienza University, Italy.

Academic & Social Life of IISMA Awardees 2021

They shared their experiences in term of academic life as well as social life at their host university. The academic & social life at each university has similarity and difference, indeed. In almost these universities, in term of academic life, the lecturers tend to be friendly and casual; they refuse to be called “sir, ma’am”, they prefer to be called by names or titles like professor. Attendance is not a priority as long as students are active in class and all academic matters (tasks) are completed properly. Yet, unlike at Palacky University in term of academic life, they still apply the attendance rules. At Sapienza University, Isyanti shared that in academic system, there are no quizzes, mid-term test, or other pop-up quizzes; there is only a final exam in the form of an oral test. Yes, Oral Test is quite challenging for some students. In terms of grade, students can reject the score obtained and ask another test to revise the score.

In terms of social life, some of them experienced some difficulties at the beginning of their arrival related to language adjustment. In academic settings, the majority can speak English, but outside of the academic setting, local people tend to use their country’s language. The main transportation used is bus, train, subway so you must understand the transportation system in that country. To places that are not too far, going on foot can be an option to save money. On weekends, almost all of these countries have a weekend is leisure time policy where only essential shops are open. Even the lecturers cannot and should not be contacted on weekends.

Through this info session about experiences in academic & social life, it is hoped that students who want to register for IISMA 2022 at the university are better prepared to face challenges and can have great time while studying in term of academic life and social life.(IO)***

Academic & Social Life, IISMA Info Session Festival