Greetings from Telkom University, Bandung – Indonesia.

Telkom University is a leading university focusing on ICT, business, and arts that located in Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, Indonesia (Bandung also well known as the capital city of Asia Africa). Telkom University provides some program degrees covering engineering, business management, and arts. We are under the shelter of Telkom Group, the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia, with its network of cooperation and internal synergy which has subsidiaries and branch offices throughout Indonesia, technological facilities, human resources, and schools. Telkom University gives opportunities for students, researchers, staffs, and even alumni to do some research, internships and any other related academic program at Telkom Group.

Dedicated to all students of Telkom University’s partners. We’re pleased to invite you to an exchange program at Telkom University. Student exchange is an implementation of cooperation between Telkom University and other partner universities all over the world. This program allows the students of partner university to study here for a short-term period (1 semester or 2 semesters). Students exchange may earn certificate and credits from Telkom University. This program is reciprocal based on the agreement between Telkom University and partner universities.

The courses we offered are Undergraduate Programs delivered in English namely:

  1. International ICT Business
  2. Industrial Engineering
  3. Information System
  4. Visual Communication Design*
  5. Telecommunication Engineering
  6. Informatics Engineering
  7. Business Administration

*Delivered in Bahasa

Students are normally enrolled in 3-6 academic courses or equal to 9-18 credits. The courses for Odd Semester will start in August and the courses for Even Semester will start in January.


– Online Registration

– Academic Transcripts

– Copy of Passport

Concerning the mandatory health insurance requirement for exchange students, students must submit a copy to demonstrate proof of your own private health insurance, or we can assist you in obtaining temporary insurance for your stay here in Indonesia.

Participants will be exempted from paying the tuition fee of the exchange program. Here is additional information about approximate personal expenses in Indonesia for the students during the exchange program:

No Personal Expenses (monthly) Amount (IDR) Monthly
1. Dormitory 500.000 (USD 50)
2. Visa Extension 500.000 (USD 50)
3. Living Cost 2.500.000 (USD 250)
4. Travel Expenses 500.000 (USD 50)
Total Personal Expenses Monthly 4.000.000 (USD 400)

You may also send an email to if you have further inquiries.

Looking forward to having you as our exchange student.

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