FEGRIS 2021, Internship Opportunity

FEGRIS 2021, Internship Opportunity. TelUtizen, are you ready to expand your experience? Here we go! You got a call from FPT. Education Global to join FPT. Education Global Remote Internship Scholarship (FEGRIS) 2021. It is a remote internship program offered for students applying for the Remote Internship placement program provided by FPT Education Global with […]

5G in Telkom University Campus

5G in Telkom University Campus. Good news for all of us in Indonesia. Now we can experience the excellent service of the 5G network in Indonesia! In collaboration with Telkomsel, Telkom University is developing the 5G ecosystem in Indonesia. On Monday, June 7th, 2021, Telkomsel 5G service was officially launched in five cities in Indonesia, […]

QS WUR 2022: Telkom University Ranked 1001-1200

QS WUR 2022: Telkom University Ranked 1001-1200. Another good news is coming for TelUtizen in the middle of 2021, is QS WUR. As the best private university, Telkom University recently has been announced as university ranked 1001-1200 in QS WUR. This is the first time Telkom University includes in QS WUR Ranking. Previously, Telkom University […]

UUM Virtual Mobility for September/October 2021

UUM Virtual Mobility for September/October 2021. Another virtual mobility offer comes from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)! UUM Virtual Mobility Exchange Program is open for registration. Telkom University students are welcome to join UUM virtual exchange program in Fall Semester 2021 (September-October). UUM virtual Mobility is a Mobility Exchange Program that students have the opportunity to […]

Edutourism Program from MMU

Edutourism Program from MMU. Multimedia University Malaysia is calling for participants from Telkom University to join the MMU Edutourism Program. It is a virtual mobility program organized by the Faculty of Management & Faculty of Computing and Informatics. The MMU Edutourism Program raises the theme “Technopreneurship for Tomorrow”. Through this edutourism program, the participants are […]

Techbros & Telkom University in Global Internship

Techbros & Telkom University in Global Internship. On Thursday, June 10th, 2021, the Grand Launching of Global Internship Telkom University and Techbros has been held attended by more than two hundreds participants including top leaders of Telkom University, lecturers and students. Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, the Rector of Telkom University, had the opportunity to officially launch […]

Internationalization Info, Self-Development Program for Buddies

Internationalization Info, Self-Development Program for Buddies. Realizing Telkom University‘s vision as a World Class University, the International Office welcomed it with great enthusiasm by preparing qualified knowledge for staff and international student’s buddies. Entitled “Get to Know More about Internationalization!”, this self-development program was held on Monday, June 7th 2021 through the ZOOM meeting, and […]

MMU Virtual Mobility Program 2021

MMU Virtual Mobility Program 2021. MMU cordially invites Telkom University‘s student to join MMU Virtual Mobility Program 2021 in Media Communication, Trends, & Techniques. This program allows students to explore and experience communication trends of social media, develop skills for creative industries, and upskill mobile technologies. MMU Virtual Mobility Program Eligibility: Undergraduate and postgraduate students […]